Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fabricati Mei Diem

If Dirty Harry had been in ancient Rome at the time, that's what he'd have said instead of "Make my day."

Well, maybe. I don't know how accurate some of these sources for Latin phrases may or may not be but you can sure get distracted browsing through them. I love this one: Bovina sancta! (Holy cow!) Here's one you can use on your boss, but only if you're sure he or she doesn't know Latin. Smile and softly say, "Ascendo tuum." That means "Up yours," but you should probably lie if asked to translate.

I found one phrase that came really close to being accurate after I made venison stir-fry today and sprinkled just a tad too much cayenne in it. "Mei cappilli sut flagrantes!" I say close because it means "My hair is on fire!" Couldn't find the Latin word for tongue.

Had to run into Bandon for some grocery shopping this morning so I met Larry at the deli and we had coffee before he departed to visit Eddi at the hospital. He gave me the number for the phone by her bed so I got to visit with her myself this evening. She sounded terrific and, if she keeps improving at this rate, they might even let her come home Monday or Tuesday! That's just huge.

I think she's ready. For one thing, she says she doesn't know why they give her a menu to choose her meals because she never gets what she asks for. Tonight, for instance, she ordered an egg salad sandwich because she's had her lower plate out, due to sore gums. Thought that would be soft enough to handle with just her uppers. So they sent her a turkey sandwich.

The other thing that had her antsy is the fact that the other woman who was in the room with her had head lice. There was a big uproar, getting that treated and making sure the little rascals hadn't spread around elsewhere. "In 67 years I've never had head lice," Eddi said, "and I'll be damned if I want to get them in the hospital!"

Made me grin to hear her sound like her old self. It sure fabricatied my diem, by golly.


John Bailey said...

A good news entry, by golly! Not that you often depart from the bright side, Dee. I've just now finished reading three or four sad, depressing journal entries and I want to say a special thanks to you for so reliably providing the antidote!

Linda Ball said...

The sad news is that head lice is about the least harmful thing you might get in a hospital. The figures for hospital infections are frightening.

bb said...

Well now, she has a mail list and it never made it to TX after Judy Judy Judy. ;-)

Glad you gave me an idea about the rice, I have some left over from yesterday.

I hope Eddi misses the lice and they get at least one meal right. Daughter always had that trouble with meals. Being diabetic they could of thrown her into shock.

Dee said...

Good morning, everyone! (Yes, it's still morning here.) John, thank you for the kind words. I happen to feel the same about your place. (smile)

Linda, you're so right about hospital infections, unfortunately. That said, I have to applaud the local two for their very good records on that score.

Bonnie, leftover rice is always a super start to a great one-dish meal. Think "fried rice" and toss in all the bits and scraps in the fridge.

John Baker answered roll call in the Goodnight, Art comment section. Thanks, luv. Now that I know both my John B.s are safe, Maggie? Have you still got power?

Hugs, Dee ...

Ava said...

As a Catholic school kid, from the first grade till graduation, I loved Latin, took two years of it and only remember a little of it. But I find it helps me in my writing, looking for roots of words and in picking up some of other languages.

The old Gregorian chants we used to sing in church are dear to my heart.

I hope your friend gets well, without getting loused up. Makes me itch to think of it!!