Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good News Quickie

Can't spend much time tonight but there is some excellent news I want to share.

When Larry called the hospital this morning, they told him the tube had been pulled again and they were letting Eddi try to breathe on her own once more. An hour later, he called to check on how she was doing.

"Oh," said the nurse, "she is not only sitting up in bed, she's eating Jello!"

Good grief, Gertie! Given the situation 24 hours ago, that's somewhere in the area of incredible. Don't tell me mojo doesn't work!

There's still some serious mending to do and she'd mighty tired and weak. The important thing, though, is that she's on the sunny side of the line. I'll continue with updates but, in the meantime, thank you with all my heart for your caring mojo. You folks are the best!


AlphaButterfly said...

Awww...such good news!

oldgreypoet said...

I'm not giving up on the mojo until eddi puts the jello down and picks up the steak knife... :-)

bb said...

Praise be! Agree with John.

Mage said...

Great news.

I'll find another island too. Thanks anyway. :)

The Old Guy said...

Jello picks up where intravenous leaves off. It's when you realize that the hospital food tastes awful that you're ready to go home. May that time come soon!