Thursday, January 18, 2007

Goodnight, Art

There has been so much coverage, it may be impossible to say anything about Art Buchwald that you haven't already read. If you haven't yet seen it, you may enjoy this video interview done last summer. (Thank you, Fes, for the link.) I like to think of it as one of his final gifts to his fans.

Certainly he left us more than that interview, laced with his irrepressible humor. Given nearly a year of life beyond what the doctors expected, Art didn't seem to waste any of it bemoaning his fate. Instead, he had an ongoing Going Away party. He was the guest of honor at his own wake. He got to enjoy all the nice things said about him before it was too late to hear them. Instead of laying down to die, he set about the business of living -- and appreciating -- every moment he had left.

He even found time and energy to write one more book, which hit the shelves just this last November. Ironically, the title is Too Soon To Say Goodbye and that link will take you to Amazon to check it out, should you wish.

During the above-mentioned interview, Art mentioned that he never made Nixon's hate list. When he asked one of Nixon's people why, he was told it was because he wasn't important enough. Which, I believe, illustrates perfectly the fatally skewed perspective of the Nixon camp.

Good job, Art, right down to the final deadline. Thank you.


On an entirely different note, I'm a bit concerned about some of our UK Coffee Mates. Maggie Wallace? John Bailey? John Baker? The mighty wind storm that tore through your country so dangerously on your Thursday -- have you escaped the general mayhem? Please check in, just to soothe my Mother Hen gland, okay? In any case, major mojo being fed your way.

Speaking of mojo and its salutary effects, I'm excited to report Eddi had her first solid food in a week (the Jello doesn't count)! Mashed potatoes and gravy and chicken, by golly. That's awfully close to that steak you mentioned, John.


oldgreypoet said...

We had some trees blown down here in Somerset but no great damage I've heard about, Dee. In the news it's all hurricanes and tornados. It was windy. Quite nice, really...:-)

Mage said...

Grand news about Eddi. Yes, John Bailey wrote about the blasts in his journal of the day today. Yes too, isn't it amazing that Art got such a good stretch of life after he was told he was going to die in weeks.

So how are you holding up in the cold and winter and rain and gosh......

Tell all.......

John Baker said...

Hi mum, just checking in after the wind. Seems a little calmer now, couple of birds twittering outside my window, wondering where their usual perch has gone.
Dodging roof slates and falling trees is fun as long as one of them doesn't get you.