Thursday, January 4, 2007

I Blame the Weather.

Well, why not? Seems to me a lot of what gets screwed, glued and tattooed in this world can trace causative factors to the weather. Bread doesn't raise properly. Divinity is not so divine. Folks get the blues when it's overcast and they walk around smacking each other when it's too hot. Therefore, when your internet connection is behaving like a pit bull with PMS, it seems reasonable to blame the weather.

That's what I think. Especially today, when we have had overcast, showers, sunshine (in brief, teasing snippets), hail and wind. Sometimes all at the same time.

That said, I can report I've diligently searched for a means to notify subscribers when new entries are posted here. My first thought was to continue with the service I used at the old web site but the code doesn't seem to want to fit in here. Lord knows, I've tried.

Other code works. I managed to score a cute little hit counter from Bravenet and there didn't seem to be any muss or fuss to putting it in place. So, hey, maybe I'll just try their mailing list utility. I'm not sure how that works but if you're willing to experiment along with me, I can certainly check it out.

Okay. Done. I hope. If I'm understanding it correctly, you sign up and then, when I post a new entry, I shoot an email out to everyone on the list. Right? Heh, heh. Already, I know we might be in trouble. Listen, Coffee Mates, if any of you know anything about Bravenet's mailing list utility, don't hesitate to tell me if I'm going in either the right or wrong direction here. Or -- how's this for a concept? If you have any suggestions for a notify utility that you think is good to use, lay it on me.

In the meantime, whatever happens, we can just blame the weather.

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