Friday, January 5, 2007

Learning As We Go

This is turning out to be quite an interesting project -- for me, at least. Hope it doesn't have you bored to tears. Got a couple of items on the agenda this evening. Think of this as a shakedown cruise. We're trying to identify possible glitches and spraying for bugs. (That's what you always tell folks when you don't want them to know you haven't got a clue.)

First: please notice the font you're reading. Got it? Right. What I'm doing here is trying to find the particular font that is most readable across the eyesight range. The first two entries were done in the standard Times, with the second done a larger size and bold. Interestingly enough, that second entry is harder to read than the first. I think that might be because the bolding crowds the letters a bit too close together.

What I'm using in this entry is Verdana, normal size. (Instead of numbered font sizes, I'm given choices that range from Tiny to Huge. Normal is, you probably guessed, in the middle.) If you feel like it, would you please mention in the comments section which of the three entries are most readable for you?

Just to spice things up a bit, I'll do this paragraph in bold. Please mention which you prefer, okay? I'm thinking the bold in the sans serif Verdana is easier to read than the bold in the serifed Times. Uncluttered.

The other test we're running tonight is the notify system. I think I have the process figured out. (Nervous grin.) As soon as I post this entry, I'll hurry to the notify site and prepare the email and send it off to those of you who have registered thus far. Please let me know if there's any problem with the notice. You can use the comment function because I get an email whenever anyone posts a comment. If I'm online, I'll know.

Heh, heh ... that last sentence sounded like Mommy Radar. Eyes in the back of the head stuff. Can't sneak up on me, by golly. Which is good. I can have your coffee poured before you even sit down at the table. Gives us more time to figure out what the heck we're doing here. Or not.


Dee said...

Well, piffle! That paragraph was in bold when I hit the "publish" button, I swear it was. Sorry, folks.

Back to the flippin' drawing board ...

Becky said...

I'm okay with either font, without all bold.

And yay for more frequent entries from you!

Doug said...

A little Bee told me about your blog, and here I am.

I subscribed and hope to see more of you now.

Dee said...

Love the font in the last one, but this ones good. Im not much help huh? Heh.

Mage said...

Morning Dee..........Yes, this is a good size, and too, would you try this type without the bold. From here it all seems bold.

And it's a learning process here too. At first I was stuck on your first entry, but I think I am catching on here at last bookmarking a central site for all entries.

Dee said...

Good morning, everyone! Thanks for helping out here. It seems obvious that I need to lose the bold. Okay. Done. I think I'll stick with the Verdana regular, at least for now. Mage, don't know why it looks bold for you. We'll have to fiddle that. The notify worked fine for me. How about y'all? By the way, I forgot to put in the link, as John does. Sorry. Will do that with the next entry. Which will probably be somewhere in between or after today's football games. (grin)See you then!