Saturday, January 6, 2007

One Pffft! After Another

A thoroughly damp day today. It didn't rain all that much but it just seemed as though the air was full of infinitesimal droplets of moisture. Even Ralph and Mei Tu felt damp, without being actually wet, when I jollied them about at their chow time. It was like the weather didn't really care enough to go all out at anything, wet or dry. Just -- you know -- pffft!

Could be I've taken my attitude for the day from the weather. Can't seem to focus on anything in particular. Rather, it's been bits and pieces of a lot of things, all without any thought of organization or efficiency. It's been more like everything that gets done is accidental and what doesn't get done is not quite visible because I'm not paying attention.

Made a sandwich with some of the chicken I roasted yesterday. Last two pieces of bread in the loaf and I thought, hmmm, I'd better make some more bread. And I enjoyed the sandwich and didn't think another moment about making bread. Tomorrow I'm sure my focus will be sharper and bread making will be on the agenda. Today ... pfffft!

For those of you who care (those who don't may close your eyes), this is Wild Card Weekend in the NFL. Two games today, two tomorrow. I picked Indianapolis, Seattle, New England and Philly to win. So far, Indy came through for me and, as we speak, Dallas and Seattle are mucking about at Quest Stadium in Seattle.

I'll check the scoreboard now and then to see how they're doing but I'm not terribly excited about any of the games this weekend. It's next weekend that has my attention. So, tonight, I'll be content to concentrate on reading a good book and sipping a mug of enhanced coffee ... wait. I have to make a pot of coffee before I can enhance it. Now there is something I can focus on.

Whew! Good thing. I was beginning to think this whole day was going to be a pffffft!


Mage said...

Yup, todays game structures when I work this coming weekend. Yes, I know, that isn't the way you look at the game. LOL

Bill said...

Dee, maybe you work too hard, thinking about all these NFL predictions you have to make. Maybe there's another way?

Dee said...

Well, Mage, you should know I've been rooting for the Chargers to go alllll the way so brace yourself, kiddo. (smile) Bill, good to see you here, my friend. As for your "other way," I don't have enough self-discipline. I keep wanting to go "best two out of three" or "three out of five" or whatever. Which basically tells me what I DON'T want.