Friday, January 19, 2007

Rice Is Nice

Can't think why it is but sometimes I simply forget how versatile rice can be. Boiled, steamed, fried or baked. Plain, savory or sweet. It will pretty much do whatever you want it to and doesn't complain, either.

Like today. There I was, hungry for something different and in no mood to spend too much time in preparation, when my wandering gaze fell on the cannister of jasmine rice. Now, one cup of uncooked jasmine will plump out to about three cups of fluffy goodness when dumped into boiling water and simmered for about 20 minutes. Then, what can be done with the finished rice is limited only by what one can scrounge from shelf and imagination.

So, when the rice had cooked and was fluffed and set aside, I dumped a can of diced spicy tomatoes into the electric wok, set at 350 degrees. Shook in some dried minced onion and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Shredded about a cup of cheddar cheese. When some of the juice had cooked off the 'maters, I added all the rice and mixed everything up good. Then the cheese was added and quickly stirred in as it melted into everything.

Shazaam! Just like that, a one-dish meal that was fast, easy, tasty and satisfying. Actually, for me it's more like three meals. I've already finished two of them. The final one will probably be my midnight snack. Or maybe even brunch tomorrow. During which I can contemplate how I'm going to fix a generous portion of the brown Basmati rice that's in another cannister in the pantry.

Were I one to do needlepoint (which I emphatically am not), I could whip out one of those frameable aphorisms with something like: Concise Advice -- Rice Will Suffice.

Good thing I don't do needlepoint, huh?


Anonymous said...

Mmmm... rice! Love the stuff for its versatility. Mind you, as a spud man, I must put in a plea for the humble potato which can do just about everything rice can do and, providing you use small ones and leave the skin on, is almost as healthy... :-)

John (

Mage said...

You don't?

Dee said...

John, you're right, of course. You and I grew up in cultures where taters are the staple, rather than rice. And then there are the cultures where pasta is the staple. And now we're trying to enjoy it all, I suspect.

Mage, no, I don't needlepoint. Believe me, that is a kindness I do the world. (grin)