Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow and Bucking Horses

When I stumbled into the kitchen this morning to fire up Ye Olde Coffee Maker, I noticed it seemed colder than usual in the hallway between rooms. That factoid didn't really register until I glanced out the kitchen window -- and then did a double-take.

Is that SNOW out there?

A closer examination verified that, yes, there was a goodly scattering of both snow and hail here and there about the landscape, especially on rooftops and cars. Well, I'll be. See, being at sea level here, we don't get much of the fluffy white stuff, as a general rule. The hills to the east of Highway 101 may display a powdered sugar dusting from time to time but, down here, it stays green.

I took some pictures, of course, but I could have waited. It wasn't long before the pewter clouds unloaded a fresh supply. For here, it was a large fresh supply. Before 11:00, we had a good inch of snowman material spread out over everything. It was lovely. And I took some more pictures.

I've spent a few years in places where there was real snow. Upper Michigan. Goose Bay, Labrador. Even Spokane, Washington. So I know today's mild offering was puny by comparison. Furthermore, periodic bouts of sunshine pretty much melted off the bulk of the download. Still, for here, for this place, it was plenty enough.

Did I build a snowman? Well, no. The thought did cross my alleged mind -- followed by the further thought that I didn't have any gloves and snow is really cold and, no, building a snowman was not terribly high on my list of Things I Absolutely Want To Do.

For what it's worth, though, today's photo, from the kitchen window, shows a view of Highway 101 (in the foreground) and Second Street, with their surfaces in the process of being coated liberally with the white stuff.

At least, I think there's going to be a photo. I just tried to upload it and, according to the message, that got done. Trouble is, I don't see it in the draft version. Okay, I'm going to hit the Publish button and see if it shows up at the blog site. Bear with me here, Coffee Mates. I'm still learning how to ride this horse. The rascal tends to buck a bit now and then. They do get frisky if you don't pay attention.


Bill said...

Well, a/c the weather service, the Cincinnati, OH area had .1 inches of snow in December which is 3.6 inches less than average. Grass will be ready for mowing soon, and sales of snow shovels and blowers have tanked. By contrast, Western and Central Canada have been grappling with a blizzard that killed a mother and son when they abandoned their stuck car. -40 temps, lower windchills, 1-3 feet of blowing snow...

For now, we're getting our weather from the Gulf, and we won't see snow until Monday in very small amounts.

So it was nostalgic to see your snow picture, Dee. I could send you one of our muddy, greenish back yard, taken Christmas Day, but why waste all those electrons? I have to say I'm not missing my muffler, mittens and mukluks.

Dee said...

Mukluks? OhMAN! I had a wonderful pair of mukluks from Labrador. Tanned deer hide foot part, seal fur legging part. They were fantastic in the snow. I wore the soles right out of them over a couple of Spokane winters. Nothing better for snow. Not worth a durn for wet. (smile)

Jo said...

Okay, Dee, try this. The newest blog to hit the cyberspace airwaves: Oh, and so glad to see that you CAN put pictures up on your blog.


Dee said...

Thanks, Jo! Please note, I now have Cud-Chewing tucked safely into my Link list...and happy to have it there! You'll enjoy him, Coffee Mates. Jo lives with him so she's biased. But you can trust me. (grin)

Maggie said...

Hi Dee, do you have a Flickr account? I find it's easier to upload my photos there and then link. Flickr does free accounts as well as paid for - you get more upload capacity for that. Drop me an email if you want me to give you any further details zen38947 at zen(dot)co(dot)uk. All the best from grey Liverpool, Maggie

Dee said...

No, don't have Flickr. I'm embarrassed to admit the upload problem was my own fault. I didn't wait long enough to hit the Okay button so the program couldn't finish the upload. When I tried it again, I accidentally did it right. (grin) And the process, when done correctly, turns out to be very easy and fast. But thank you for offering help. You are a peach, my friend.

Mage said...

Yes, we can see it all. Clearly. Thank you. LOL No snow here....but cold. I'm heating one room and wearing layers.

Yes, I am impressed with Flickr. I like their photosets and tags. I got Snapfish before there was a Flickr, and they give me great photohosting.

You stay warm and take care of the store. :)