Sunday, January 21, 2007

Working Up A Glisten

Somewhere, at sometime, in some book or article or something, I read that ladies don't sweat. They glisten. The idea has a certain appeal. Let's face it -- dewy is more esthetically pleasing than dripping. Probably more comfortable, too.

I suspect, however, there are those who would be horrified to discover ladies could work up a good glisten over a hard-slammin', bone-bangin', hell-raisin' football game. Well, piffle and fiddlesticks, I say. (When I'm in lady-like mode, I talk like that.) Ladies can appreciate a close, cliff-hanging, nail-biting contest just as thoroughly as the next guy -- and we can certainly develop a glisten while we're at it.

I'm referring, of course, to this evening's extremely hard fought Conference Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. The first half wasn't all that encouraging for those of us who had picked the Colts but I had hopes. If I've learned anything, it's that the second half of a game can be a whole 'nuther ball game. And this one was.

When the Colts came out of the locker room after halftime, they came out swinging. And the Pats swung right back. Made for a lot of stomach lurching, I can tell you. Nothing was for sure until the very end when, much to my relief, the final score stood at 38-34 Indianapolis. Absolutely none of those players were merely glistening by the time the dust settled. But then, fortunately, none of them are ladies.

So -- two weeks from now, the classy Colts and the brawny Bears will roar onto the field down in Miami and proceed to duke it out for whole ball of wax. All over the country, fans will gather to cheer and rate the best Super Bowl commercials ... wait. I'm digressing again. Okay, we'll cheer the commercials and the tailgate food and the halftime entertainment and, somewhere in the middle, we'll cheer the football players. That way, everyone is covered. And glistening.


Mage said...

Glow.......the word we were taught is that Ladies Glow. LOL

Lovely about Eddi, not the lice, of course, and neat stuff those latin translations, indeed. Leave me smiling.

bb said...

Didn't see Wil all day. No idea what team he was rooting for.

Now who are you hoping becomes the champs? Me, I'm thinking about the Chili Cookoff decorations. See if I can beat the guy who puts up the same decorations and wins two years in a row.

Jo said...

Hey, Dee, the Notify is working now. Thanks for your help.

I used to religiously watch the Super Bowl and playoffs but it's just not my cup of tea since I married a Canuck and got otherwise entangled. But enjoy the festivities of the upcoming Bowl!

Dee said...

Good morning, Coffee Mates! It's dawning sunny with some high overcast haze here. Hope the weather gods are being kind to all of you.

Good to see your smile, Mage. More mojo for you and, of course, for Duck.

Bonnie, I haven't decided who to pick in the Sooper Bowl yet but I suspect, in spite of my habit of rooting for the underdog, I'll probably go with the Colts. It's about time Manning got his ring.

Jo, glad the notify settled in for you. It's so handy, isn't it?