Sunday, February 4, 2007

My Kingdom For A Clydesdale

Well, that's it. Super Bowl Sunday is almost over. All things considered, it wasn't too shabby. For the record, I did pick the Colts to win, which they did, 29 to 17. Not that the Bears made it easy for them. Right off the git-go, Chicago's astonishing Devin Hester took the first kick-off return 92 yards for a touchdown and a mere14 seconds after the game began, the Bears had 7 points on the board. I reckon Indianapolis will feel they earned this one. And that's as it should be.

I also ate well today. Fixed some pretty fair Kung Pao stirfry chicken with brown Basmati rice and have been munching on it off and on all afternoon and evening. There is still one more helping to go before I quit for the night.

So why am I feeling surly this evening? I'll tell you why. There weren't any commercials featuring the Budweiser Clydesdales this year! Oh, sure, they were briefly seen pulling the wagon in the commercial with the mutt that faked Dalmation status but they didn't have their own spot. What ARE those advertising people thinking?

Maybe I missed something. I dunno. After the game, which I listened to on my Field Pass radio feed, I went here to view the commercials. The display shows 12 ads per quarter, 48 in all. Maybe that doesn't represent every single commercial shown during the game but I can't imagine them not including a Clydesdale ad if one was run.

I am so displeased, in fact, that I will refuse to purchase so much as a single bottle of Bud. The fact that I never purchase Bud anyway is not really the point, here. This is a moral stand. Or something like that. The only thing that keeps me from total despair is that I did enjoy the Blockbuster commercial with the guinea pig and the rabbit making that poor mouse crazy. So there, Budweiser! Pffft!


bb said...

Of course I'm no where around for commercials. I was dying after the cookoff, everything ached. I'm too old for this stuff.

Over on you can see the winning decorations. Mine not among them. Nor did the chili win, and she left the beans out this year.

Mage said...

Ah, but that was a delightful coke commercial. :)

Dee said...

Bonnie, *I* thought your table looked beautiful and should have one. I hereby present to you the Because I Said So award, granted by Goddess dispensation. (smile)

Mage, I agree there were other nice commercials. Really. But I really miss my big ol' Clydesdales. And if that's the worst problem I have, I'd better just be grateful, huh?

Dee said...

WON! Bonnie's table should have WON.

Sheesh. I need more coffee.