Friday, February 9, 2007

Substitution Compensation

Well, phooie. Kafka's Soup did not arrive today. I will not pout. I will not pout. I will not pout.

Please note, the above promise has a Use By timestamp with a mere 24-hour duration. The fact that it was repeated three times does not constitute a triple life span. Just thought I'd make that clear so you won't remind me if I happen to start whining tomorrow.

We will not be deprived of interesting cookbooks, however. There is such a thing as Substitution Compensation whereby, if you can't have one treat, you temporarily compensate with another.

An Aussie friend of lupine persuasion sounded a heads up and I was able to download -- for free -- a nice little pasta cookbook in pdf format, full of gorgeous food pictures and tantalizing recipes. Even with my semi-comatose dial-up connection the cookbook came in fast and now resides on my desktop for quick reference. Or random drooling, whichever comes first. You, too, can enjoy this gem if you go to Barilla's website where you can flip through the book right there online and decide if you want your own copy. The offer is good through the rest of this month. In any case, there are oodles of good recipes to browse through at the site.

As I compare their recipes with my available supplies, I find myself short on the proper cheese. I have -- and love -- cheddar and it certainly goes with macaroni but my taste buds are clamoring for something more along the lines of pecorino or asiago. Cheddar ain't gonna cut it. Nope. Thankfully, the two supermarkets in Bandon have pretty good selections of imported cheeses. Of course, many of them are burdened with pretty good prices. If I'm feeling careful, I can score a good value. If I'm feeling crazed, I'll just score a good cheese and try not to look at the cash register total.

Sometimes you just have to turn yourself loose.


bb said...

A quick check of the tracking in the email sent:
Status: Enroute

Your item was processed and left our HAZELWOOD, MO 63042 facility on February 9, 2007. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

So they lied when they said in the email it left on the 7th. What do we expect from a college bookstore?

John Bailey said...

I love the rarer cheeses, too, Dee, and they tend to be budget breakers here, also. Something that can work is to use 60% mild-to-flavourless 'cheddar' and add 40% of the tastier variety late-ish in the cooking process so the flavour doesn't have a chance to run away... :-)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the link to the Barilla cookbook! By the way, I keep forgetting that you live in (or near) Bandon. That area is at the top of the list of places I'd love to retire to. We spent a few days there during a cross-country trip several years ago, and I fell in love with Bandon and Port Orford. Have you always lived there?

Mage said...

Oh, you would hate me, for yesterday a brand new Trader Joe's opened just down the hill. They didn't just have cheeses, they had multiple brands of each kind of cheese. You should have seen me wallowing in cheese yesterday.

Dee said...

Bonnie, rest easy. If you ask for additional details on the tracking site, it shows the book *was* mailed the 7th but the P.O. didn't send it out until the 9th. Not to worry. It'll be worth waiting for.

John, what a good idea with the cheeses! It never occurred to me to mix 'em up. Thank you!

Stephanie, I was "born and raised" here. Was gone for a 25-year stretch but happily back for the last 25.

Mage, no way could I hate you, luv. But I could sure follow you around and carry your packages of cheese. I don't suppose Trader Joe parks in rural areas?