Saturday, February 10, 2007

This and That

It's been the kind of day where the overcast stays solid and the rain comes and goes. So does the wind, sounding petulant and bad-tempered as it howls around the eaves and windows.

There were a brief few moments this afternoon when the sun was able to muscle its way through scudding clouds. It was a good time to catch one of the Thanksgiving cactus blossoms with a back light.

Isn't it great, how a little blossom like that can cheer up a whole nasty day?

It was certainly not a nasty day in the middle of the mighty Pacific. The Pro Bowl played out in Hawaii this afternoon with the AFC prevailing over the NFC with a 31-28 final score. And now those of us with insane football passions are entering that long, bleak stretch between this season's last two-minute warning and next season's first kick-off. For some of us, that's barely enough time to lick our wounds and have a good self-pity wallow.

Well now, see? That's what coffee and chocolate are here for. They give us solace when we're down and enhance our joy when we're up. God got it right when He invented those two items. Which makes up for the design flaws in raw oysters.


John Bailey said...

Oh, Dee, sometimes a magic flower like that and the magic moment it fills are all that's needed for a magic day. Chocolate does help, of course... :-)

bb said...

My cactus in the bay window is still blooming. But the white one back here through out two blooms and I see several buds that seem to have just stopped growing. ??

How wet do you keep them during blooming time?

Dee said...

John, choccy not only helps, it's just plain essential! (smile)

Bonnie, I probably don't water the poor baby enough. I think temp is important for the bloom cycle. You can Google for info. But don't change whatever seems to work. Sounds like the one in the window is happy and the white one needs an adjustment.