Friday, May 25, 2007

Easily Amused

This will give you an idea of how easily I can be entertained. See that little gadget over there? That's a handy-dandy, super-duper olive/cherry pitter, made in China for an outfit in Washington state and blessed with, I'm assured, "handsome European design." (blink blink) I don't know what constitutes European design, handsome or otherwise, but I'm willing to accept the statement as fact.

Having never owned one of these remarkable inventions, I can't tell you how thrilled I am at the sheer wonder of it. See that little round cup thingy on the upper left, the one with a just barely visible hole in it? You set the olive or the cherry in that, stem end up. See that skinny shaft thingy that pokes through a matching round thingy? When you squeeze the handles together, the shaft thingy stabs the fruit and pushes the pit out through the hole in the bowl thingy.

I had youngest dotter, Patti, pick it up for me so I'd be able to efficiently pit the sweet cherries before consigning them to the dehydrator. She and Roger dropped it off for me on their way to their Memorial Day weekend campout. Unfortunately, I have no cherries with which I can break in this nifty invention. The sweet California cherries are in the stores now but they're also way too spendy. I'll wait until the price gets down some more.

In the meantime, I just happen to have a jar of gourmet olives that I haven't paid too much attention to -- because the olives aren't pitted and it just annoys the living daylights out of me to gnaw the meat off the pit while olive oil and wine and herbs dribble down my chin. Aha! I said to myself. I'll just breeze through those puppies with my fast draw pitter and fix that situation for good.

Okay, I'm willing to concede it might do a better job on the cherries, which are softer and pretty much all the same size. It didn't do so okay-swell on the olives. The littlest ones just got skinned and the biggest ones refused the pitting process entirely. The in-between size worked okay but that still left me with some gnawing to do. So I gnawed the rejects as I placed the successfully pitted olives back in their gourmet brine and told myself I really only wanted the pitter for the cherries anyway.

And before I finish this post, I just want to respond to something Mage said in the comment section of the waxwing post -- Parrots? You have feral parrots flying around where you live? Wow! That is so kewl, Mage. Pictures. We should probably have some pictures, don'cha think? (wicked smile)


John Bailey said...

Never found an olive pitter that worked, Dee, though cherries are easier. And if that device is European style then I'm a Chinaman... :-)

bb said...

I just can't wait for you to harvest any cherries the wax wings left. :-)

Mage said...

No pictures, none at all........but thanks for noting that I note you. Last week they were flocking to the trees outside my windows with their cacophony. This week they are in someone elses trees, and I am rejoicing. You would never believe how noisy they are.

Me.....I am delighted with your universal cherry pitter. I had an apple peeling that was universal once. It wandered away....perhaps I didn't use it. I find that I like your red cabbage too....but what's that white line through the cabbage?