Saturday, May 12, 2007

Last Word First

I don't know who gets the credit for this cute photo but I thank you for the grin. I share it now because it just struck me that the caption I've added will go very well tomorrow, when everyone is going around saying, "Happy Mommy Day!"

When the people conversing are both mommies, the one who gets beaten to the quip can fall back on the captioned response.

Just to be sneaky, I'm going to take unfair advantage and get the last word in first. Or something like that. So here's me, grinning a big goofy grin and saying to all you mommy-types, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Please note, the above sentiments need not be limited to expression on only one day. Rather, the concept can be freely and extravagantly bandied about every day of the year. The same goes for Father's Day, of course. Parenthood can be so overwhelming as to need uninhibited encouragement on a regular basis.

Please note further, while praising parents on a regular basis is a lovely thing to do, it certainly can't hurt to make occasional generous donations of really good dark chocolate.

I'm just saying ...


bb said...

Right back atcha! :-)

ava said...

Yeah, the feelings are mutual, Dee. Those of us who mother someone, or something or just try to do right by children everywhere need all the encouragement we can get---any time of year.

Have a happy Momma Day.