Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gone Fishing

Sometimes it's all too easy to lose the worm on the hook when you're out fishing. The problem is, you don't always know when it happens.

Like the other day. I got an unexpected -- but most welcome -- call from a longtime friend. (Thanks again, ogofish!) It was during the course of the conversation that I realized, for the first time, I had neglected to share some rather significant information with you Coffee Mates.

I wasn't trying to keep any secrets, you understand. On thinking it over, I believe the problem was that the event didn't happen all at once but, rather, as an ongoing process. Which meant that I spoke about it with different folks at different times and after a while, I guess I just thought everybody knew.

The fact is, I have closed my book shop. The Crime Scene is no more. It was time. I knew up front it was not going to be my road to untold wealth (insert large grin) but when it got to the point where it was costing me money instead of making it, I knew the ride was over.

And that's okay. I loved every minute of it and will be forever grateful to have had the chance to fulfill that particular dream. The neat thing about it is the way things at both ends of The Crime Scene's existence seemed to fall so naturally into place.

I got started when the lady who owned a used book store before me decided to retire. My beginning stock came from her. And when I decided I was ready to hang it up, a perfectly lovely couple came into the area and opened up their used book store -- and bought my stock. They're going to do just fine, partly because they have a much better location than I did, just outside of Bandon and at a decent space rental. Mainly, though, they'll do well because they love books as much as I do and the enthusiasm shows.

Phil, the nice man who bought my stock, was terribly concerned I would be feeling blue about the closure. I'm not. To everything a season, as has been said. I feel content about it all. I'm more interested, now, in figuring out what the next adventure is going to be. Toward that goal, I am comfortably situated on the bank, fishing for the answer.

[The fishing photo is another selection from the camera of Ian Britton, downloaded from FreeFoto. Thanks, Ian!]


John Bailey said...

Oh, rhubarb! I just fumbled the keyboard and lost what I said. Let's try again...

AH... that explains a slot, Dee. I'm so glad you pulled out of the bookshop with happy, warm memories, before it became a burden rather than a daily delight. Now.. the next adventure... Graham and I shall be waiting. Agog. Yes, Agog. Favourite word of mine just now, is Agog. I'm doing a fair bit of Agog at the moment. Cuddles... :-)

Ava said...

Your outlook about the bookstore is a healthy one and aside from my pining for the beach, I am not one for dwelling on my "used to dos" either. I know that as we age, everything changes and though we don't or can't do what we used to do, we move on to something new.

I do dream of living again on the shore, but I also realize it's just that----a dream, far from reality. I thrive on the memories and enjoy what is mine now.

Thanks for sharing with us.


ps For John. I am constantly agog too at the happenings in my life too. Agogness is a great state of mind. ~grin~

bb said...

So perhaps now you can start a weekend flea market/crafts in the huge empty place below you?

Or maybe you can get a radar gun and radio and sit on your balcony and alert the dear cops of the speeders heading their way?

But folks the way she cooks she could really fix up the Greasy Spoon. :-)

Mage said...

Now I understand why mentions of the bookstore faded. So glad there was someone to buy it from you. Timely indeed. Did you have to move out of the second floor too? Or are you in the midst of moving? Agog indeed. So tell all, when you have the time. We'll be here.

Dee said...

Agog. That is simply a perfect word, John. May we all indulge in abundant agog.

I'm still upstairs. My landlord is one of those hugely generous souls, for whom I'm grateful. Now I have to figure out what to do with what's left of shop equipment. Harry, of course, is part of the family. He stays with me. (smile)

Jo said...

I had no idea that you phased out the bookstore, Dee. I wondered why you were always showing us cooking entries, :-). Ah, that's it. You ought to write a cookbook for your next venture.

BTW, I love you countdown to election clock.

mz. em said...

Thanks for the clarification because I, too, wondered about the lack of mentioning the book store. I like your attitude about moving on and you are looking forward to the future.

Mage said...

Now that you are closed and on the road awaiting football, of all things, I eagerly await your next post.

CJA said...
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Kate said...

Dee, I'm distraught! I'm going up to Portland next weekend, & had planned to come by The Crime Scene on my way back down. Oh pooh!

Hope this means the beginning of new & more exciting things in your life (although what could be more exciting than running a book store?!)