Saturday, July 21, 2007

Postponing Potter

I may be one of the few Harry Potter fans in the whole world who is not curled up with the last book of the series today. I did that on purpose. The thing is, the ride has been so much fun, I just don't want it to end. On the other hand, as we get -- uhmm -- more mature, we begin to wonder if we will actually live to see the end of any given series of anything.

Be that as it may, until my book arrives (I refused to pay the extra postage just to receive it on the officially designated Magic Day.) I will do my best to avoid accidentally stumbling across any spoilers and then, once it's in my hot little hands, I will happily shut this world out and immerse myself in Harry's world.

I suspect at least one definition of the concept of parallel universes has got to be that total immersion in the world contained between the covers of a good book. If the story is told well enough, that made-up place has its own sure reality and the reader is privileged to be a traveler therein.

There is plenty to keep me occupied in the meantime. In between loads of laundry today, I've managed to scout out several recipes for naan and, as we speak, a batch of dough is rising. I don't even need a Hogwart's spell to manage that, by golly. It will be an adventure because I've never tasted naan. I've read so many voices singing its praises, however, it turns out to be something I simply have to try. If it works out okay, I'll even share the recipe I finally chose -- tomorrow.

So all y'all go right ahead and enjoy your book. Just don't tell me how it comes out or I'll have to hurt you. Okay?


bb said...

Tell you how it comes out? NO worry I am the only non fan in the world I guess. :-)

Never heard of naan. Thought your fingers slipped. lol

bonnie said...

I was blugged again. How many times have you been bluffed? fess up now.

me again said...

Well heck I see I can't type today either. Quit laughing. :-)

Mage said...

There it is, downstairs, sitting unread on my footstool. I'm up packing for our first cruise. I'll take it with us, but I bet I never get to reading it. You are not alone. :)

Dee said...

That's okay, Bonnie. There are enough rabid Potter fans around that non-Potter fans form an important balance. I mean, who's going to run the world while the rest of us are enjoying that other dimension?

How many times have I been Bluf'd? Countless, m'deah, countless. Although I can say I once had a run of eleven correct answers in a row before I stubbed my toe. After that, it was all downhill. (smile)

Mage, I'll bet you don't have time to read it, either. Cruises should be so full of fun stuff that you don't have time for mere books. Not that a Potter is ever "mere." Have a wonderful time, gurlfriend. I'll be waiting to hear all the details when you get back.

mz. em said...

Well Dee, I just got my book this morning. If I had gone to the post office on Saturday, I would have had it then but I didn't so I had to wait. I still need to finish the book I'm in now before I can start on Harry Potter. I have to ask, what is naan?

Kate said...

I haven't even bought one yet. I'm struggling between needing to be fiscally conservative (i.e., broke) and wanting to buy it from an independent book store because I read that the big places (Amazon, Costco, etc.) discount it so much that the independents probably won't make any profit on it. That's not the way I think the world should go round. So so far, I haven't done anything.