Sunday, July 22, 2007

Real Live Haggis

Oh, duh, indeed. That's what I was saying to myself earlier this evening.

See, I had a lovely visit earlier in the evening from a long-time friend I just met in person for the first time. (That is not a strange statement for folks who have online journals or blogs.) She stopped in on her way from Portland to San Diego. There wasn't a whole lot of time -- in fact, she detoured out of her way to drop by as it was. Since the weather cooperated by being warm and pleasant in spite of patchy cloud cover, I decided coffee and goodies in the shady patch beside the car port would be just the ticket.

I was very careful to make sure I had everything so there would only need to be one trip downstairs (thereby cutting out any unnecessary trips back UP the stairs). First I started a batch of brownies with raspberries. While they were cooking, I loaded the picnic basket with a thermos of coffee (and containers of cream and sugar in case Kate used such things), a spoon for stirring same into coffee, two small disposable plates for the brownies, two forks (which we didn't use), a fistful of paper napkins, a couple of coffee mugs ... check, check, check. Very last thing, a lidded container full of brownies fresh out of the oven.

Got all that downstairs and then set up a chair and stool for seating and another stool for a "table." Ralph supervised and all was good to go when Kate pulled into the parking area.

Well! I'm here to tell you, it was a great visit. Fortunately, Kate is a cat person because Ralph fell in love with her immediately and didn't lose too much time leaping into her lap to tell her so. I hope, when she gets home, her own cat -- a lady by the name of Charlie -- doesn't smell Ralph and accuse Kate of infidelity.

I should have asked more questions about it but I was distracted by the food part, rather than the general setup -- anyway, Kate is the West Coast distributer for an outfit that sells Scottish foods. She goes to events and sets up a booth and all that good stuff. "Really?" I said. "Do you even sell haggis?" I was just funning because, gee, people don't really sell haggis, do they?

Uhmm, actually -- yes, they do, much to my astonishment. And, by golly, I'm going to get some from her. After all, I'm half Scots and have never sampled that uniquely Scottish dish. Surely that is an omission that should be corrected at some point before I shuffle off this mortal coil. It's practically a matter of genealogical honor or something. I'm not even worried about the flavor. Heck, I can always jazz it up with a little Tabasco or something.

All too soon, Kate had to hit the road. It was as she turned her van around to point it at Highway 101 that I caught sight of her license plate -- which inspired the caption for tonight's photo. I hadn't even thought to bring my camera downstairs and the plate read "HAGGGIS" -- she explained it had three Gs because another fellow already had one with two Gs. I made her promise to take a picture of it when she got home and send it to me via email.

Yes, I know I was supposed to tell you about the naan project tonight but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Okay? Think of it this way -- it's something to look forward to.


John Bailey said...

Sounds like a great meet, Dee, and I like your approach to encountering an 'unknown friend'. And if Ralph like her she must be alright.

Haggis? Something to put ketchup on... :-)

Bex said...

I've know Kate for a while "online" too, and I think it's fabulous you got to spend some time together.

I've had haggis once - on one of our trips in the UK - in Scotland. Husband ordered something else, but I took the plunge and had the haggis, and it was durn good in the end! You can't really dwell on how it's made before eating it - but just plunge in and taste it.

Have you been to Scotland? It's such an incredibly wonderful country. I can't wait to return sometime soon.

bb said...

Ah now I know why my email hasn't notified Kate has written. Eating brownies and I bet drinking coffee in Langlois. :-) How did you keep the wind from blowing all away?lol

Hi to Ralph pat from me too.

btw I'm beginning to hate blufr, I always guess wrong. :-)

Dee said...

John, I don't *do* ketchup but I'll match you glug for glug with my trusty bottle of hot sauce.

Bex, no, I haven't been to Scotland. Mom went with a cousin some years ago and loved it. My great-grandparents came from there and were one of the pioneer families in this county.

Bonnie, there wasn't any wind. So there! (smile)

Kate said...

Oh it was such fun indeed! The best picnic I've had in just forever! And you were right -- didn't make it back to Sacramento, only to Redding. I do love meeting friends I've not met before -- someday I hope to get lucky enough to meet Bex & John too (even if he is a philistine for wanting to put ketchup on haggis. He knows perfectly well that you have a bit of brown gravy over it. Or Scotch). Did I mention that I'm a traveler?