Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Whirled Peas

In spite of the title, we are not going to be discussing Things You Can Do With A Blender. But we are going to play with peas.

Okay, I'm going to play with peas. You can sit back and watch and snicker. As well you may because I don't have the slightest idea if this will work or not. I live on the fine edge of danger. I laugh -- hah, hah, hah! -- as I dodge the merciless arrows of outrageous fortune ...

Oh dear. There I go, digressing again. Back to the subject at hand. Peas.

Have you ever had the pleasure of munching on crunchy dried peas that have been coated with wasabi (Japanese horseradish)? It's been a while since I have but when the memory crossed my alleged mind earlier today, my mouth instantly watered and my Gimme gland started pulsing. But I didn't have any wasabi peas. In fact, I no longer have my trusty tube of wasabi because I'd had it so long, I was afraid to trust it -- so I tossed it.

Dayum. Don'cha hate when that happens?

Never let it be said that I can't rise to a food challenge. I won't worry about what I don't have. I will tote up what I do have. Peas. I've got lots of perfectly good peas in the freezer. I also have assorted hot spices on the pantry shelf, some of which are more than equal to the thermal potency of wasabi. I also have this handy-dandy food dehydrator that happens to be ready and willing to gently waft the moisture out of all the peas I care to spread out on its trays.

That's the first step. As shown in the above photo, the peas are placidly passing their water content into the air, getting themselves ready for whatever hotsy-totsy coating I whip up for their "enrobement" tomorrow.

Yeah. They should be good to go sometime tomorrow. That gives me plenty of time to mull over the possibilities for the coating. There are a couple or three ideas floating around as we speak but the vote isn't in yet.

Have some more coffee. There's plenty of time to sip the good stuff while we're waiting.


John Bailey said...

I'm gonna watch this one with great interest, Dee. I've grown a little tired of the humble frozen pea (after all these years). I've even detected an urge to revert to the canned variety. So if you can find a way to make them interesting again I shall see what I can do to imitate.

bb said...

For some reason I have developed a dislike for peas in any form. I wonder how I'd feel about yours?

Gotta watch blufr. I knew Dolly had natural breasts, they should of ask if she had enhanced them. :-)

bb said...

Oh I meant to ask if you had seen Chan's picture yesterday? I'm waiting for another one of Ralph, and an update on Annie's Garden. :-) Or don't you go there now?