Monday, September 17, 2007

Cabbage Marathon

Okay, I promised to tell you about my cabbage marathon -- like you're waiting with bated breath to hear about it, right? Nod your head and mutter, "Yes." Thank you.

Where were we? Oh, yes -- I had mentioned being in possession of 2 1/2 heads of cabbage. I believe I also mentioned my brother and his wife were here for a 2-week visit. Before they closed up the lake house, they emptied the refrigerator and brought all the remaining food to me -- Old Hollow Leg -- so it wouldn't go to waste. Part of what they brought was 1 1/2 heads of cabbage -- and I already had 1 head. Of cabbage, I mean.

I don't care what anybody says, that's a lot of cabbage for one liddle ol' leddy. Two heads are not only better than one, they're way more. Not that I'm complaining, nope, nossiree. Cabbage is good. I love cabbage. Really. But, gee, how was I going to fix all this cabbage before it spoiled on me?

The first thing I did was to haul out my trusty little V-Slicer and shred every single bit of it. Such a pile of cabbage! Very impressive. I got four rather full quart-sized freezer bags right off the git-go. Then I made the 30-day salad I told you about yesterday. Then, with the remaining cabbage, I made the Grandmother of all veggie soups.

Took my next-to-biggest kettle -- which holds something like six-plus quarts -- and threw in the cabbage. Next came a couple of cups of lattice-cut carrots, a couple of cups of sliced zucchini, one large diced Walla Walla sweet onion, and most of a clump of celery. This might make you blink but it works for me -- I also tossed in a cup of very spicy-hot grape salsa which included cilantro and jalapeno. Didn't need any other seasoning after that. (Wiggling eyebrows wickedly.)

I had made cottage cheese with a quart of buttermilk so I drained off the whey into the pot. Then came, oh, I dunno, probably 6 cups of chicken broth and 1 can of V-8 juice. The last item to go into the pot was 1 cup of uncooked rice.

Brought all that to a boil, then turned it down and put a lid on it so it could cook slow until everything was tender. And it did. And everything was. I had a bowl for dinner and pronounced it sublime.

All of which is fine but it must be noted one bowl hardly makes a dent in that much soup. I was now faced with the logistical problem of portioning out all that good stuff for later consumption and -- lord have mercy -- finding room in the freezer to put it.

Well, if one excavates deeply enough, one can find assorted items that are so far past their Use-By date they could hail from the Jurassic period. I'm not sure how long that half-quart of ice cream has been in there but I think it had fossils in it. And there were all those packets of sauce that come with the frozen stir-fry veggies. I don't know why I save them because I like my own sauce better. Lots of space gained by tossing them.

After much diligent and fairly ruthless effort, I'm happy to report my freezer is now neatly rearranged and all the soup is safely stored and there is even a little room left over for more stuff. Heh, heh ... I'll think of something to cram in there.


John Bailey said...

Heh! We have a family joke that, when it comes time to sort the freezer out, we have to move house. Kidding? Nope... :-)

bonnie said...

Sounds good. My v slicer is only good for white potatoes, onions and don't even think about trying to slice carrots unless you have a strong arm! Haven't tried cabbage yet. Getting stuff to fit on the holder and still work is another problem.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a v slicer, whatever that is. Must be a handy gadget. More info please.

The soup sounds good, but hubby wouldn't eat it, so I'd have to do it all myself. Sounds very healthy and low fat and all that.

Also puzzled about grape salsa. Seems weird to me. But if you say so....


Dee said...

Darn, John -- if I had to move when I cleaned the freezer, I'd never touch it again! (smile)

Bonnie and Ava, I think I can respond to both of you in one: Ava, Bonnie and I have very similar V-slicers but apparently there is a difference in how well they work. Bonnie, from what you've told me, I'm wondering if the blades are sharp enough. Maybe a professional knife sharpener could fix them for you?

Ava, for the model I have, you can read about it here:
Bonnie's version can be found here:
As for the grape salsa, if you check in my Link List for Wolfie's Mutterings and click on it, at her site, scroll down to the Aug. 28th entry titled "De-lish-us" and you'll find the recipe for the best darned salsa imaginable.

Whew! I think that covers everthang!

Mage And George said...

I was just thinking that you should have a football party and serve your good black bread with that wonderful soup. If I lived nearer, I'd come.

I have a 1938 Sunbeam Mixmaster with half the atatchments that were made. Among them is a slicer...and boy is it a goodie. With two blades too. I don't think it was ever used until I got it.

Kate said...

Well come on down here! Your freezer talents will be most useful! And then we'll have another picnic! (I still smile when I remember how much fun we had!)

Dee said...

Mage, love the photo! That's from your cruise, isn't it? You don't have to dress up so purty if we get together for soup, though. It's strictly comfort.

Kate, I still smile, too. Shall we have haggis and Scotch for the next picnic? (grin)