Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sayonara, September

Oh, will you look at that? Baby 'mater plants with their very first "true" leaves. This is almost as exciting as when the kidlets sprouted their first teeth. I'm so proud.

I'm also terribly nervous. Because now it's time to thin them out. Yes, "them." You can't tell in that photo but there are actually five tiny plantlets there. The strange thing is, I only planted three seeds. [blink blink] So what have I got here? Two sets of twins? In any case, all but one plant must go. I cringe to think about it. I'm convinced no matter which ones I toss, the one I choose as healthiest is gonna turn around, give me the raspberry, and flop dead before my very eyeballs.

I did mention to y'all that I was going to attempt some indoor container gardening didn't I? Toward that goal, I scooped up some of those compressed peat disks that swell up when soaked with water. September 13th I carefully sowed the grape tomato babies pictured above, some incredibly tiny - practically microscopic - seeds of spearmint, a couple of Orange Jasmine seeds and two kinds of chili pepper: Thai Yellow and Lemon Drop.

The 'maters came up first, bless their vigorous little hearts, and the mint -- with little leaves not much bigger than those minuscule seeds -- showed up next. The Lemon Drop popped its first leaves out yesterday and the Thai Yellow is just starting to show a bowed stem. It should do the pop-up tomorrow, I think. As for the Jasmine, I'm not even guessing about them. I understand germination is iffy and often lengthy so I'll just wait and see.

The plants should have all felt cozy and safe today. Well, they would have if they'd been tall enough to peek out the window. Today brought the first storm of the season. Not a serious one but certainly one that meant business. Plenty of rain off and on -- same for the wind. I hadn't realized how many leaves had turned to their fall colors until I looked out the window this afternoon and saw how the wind had tossed them hither and yon along the streets and verges. It looked like someone had flung thousands of golden doubloons all over the place. Boy, I wish!

And my Raiders won their game this morning, please let me shout it out. That makes me hugely happy, in spite of the fact that an inordinate number of other teams let me down. My weekly picks total is simply pitiful. You just can't trust those durned football players, you know? It must be those tight Spandex pants cutting off the circulation to their brains.

I had to say that. I haven't had any chocolate today so my Nice quotient is on the low side.

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John Bailey said...

They issued a medical bulletin here yesterday to the effect that a couple of pieces of dark chocolate a day is a major assist to ME sufferers, and SADists like me, and for high blood pressure. See, you and me, Dee, we were right all along. Chocolate is medicine :-)