Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Widget Fidget

Excuse my yawn. Boy. Sometimes you just can't help it. You either yawn or you bust. This ol' tigger perfectly illustrates my current condition and it's no wonder -- I bailed out of bed somewhere around 5:30 this morning and, in spite of a quickie nap after lunch, the eyelids are getting heavier by the minute.

Not much to tell tonight, anyway. You may have noticed I've changed the decor a bit. That's part of why there was no entry last night -- I spent too much time trying to decide which new template to choose. Actually, that wasn't the worst of it. What took way too long was trying to decide what new widget to place in the sidebar.

I may have been in danger of becoming a widget idjit but, thank heaven, I overdosed on 'em last night so I guess I'm safe. And so are you. You will have noticed the Bluf'r widget is no longer with us. (Sorry, Bonnie.) That's what started the whole thing. It seemed to be on some kind of strike so I decided, whudda hey, it was time for a change anyway.

So, okay, after much judicious perusal of the available supply, I thought perhaps the widget listing screwball ebay auctions would be fun. That lasted, what? Two, three days? Maybe it was okay for those of you with broadband but my wretched dial-up slowed down something fierce with that widget. Took for-flippin'-ever for my silly page to load.

Looking for a suitable replacement was what kept me up late last night -- too late, in fact, to bother posting a new entry. All for naught. It isn't that there aren't plenty of marvelous widgets to choose from. It's that the best ones would slow the page load even more than what I've already used. Phooie. Except for the election countdown widget, I shall remain widgetless. I'm sure I will feel ever so much more virtuous.

Or maybe lighter.


Okay. Less cluttered.

Yep. That'll work.


John Bailey said...

Well, you can't make coleslaw out of widgets, that's for sure. Some are fun but, as you say, Dee, they do slow the whole thing down. On a slow link they can render a page unviewable. I think I'll have a good look at the content of my sidebar and try to prune it down to content navigation aids.

Not fair, Dee, making me think this time of morning! :-)

Dee said...

Ah but, John, your page loads beautifully, even with my slow connection. I can't think of anything in your sidebar that doesn't work just fine. Really. Which proves, I suppose, not all widgets are created equal. (smile)

bb said...

That's OK Dee I got tired of being bluffed so just didn't go there. Figured my luck it was a tracking thing anyway. :-)

I can tell you I am going to click on that Amazon "The 47 Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World" thing though. lol

Jo said...

We have broadband so your widgets didn't bother us, Dee. I found myself going to the e-bay ones because some of the titles were too interesting to pass up.

But if you don't have any other widgets up I think the election one is the keeper. Sorrowfully, there is still TOO much time left on it.

Kate said...

I've got a spiffy new bracelet. One of those rubber jobbies. It says 01.20.09. Oh frabjulous day!

Dee said...

Whew! I'm glad to hear you won't miss Bluf'r, Bonnie. That was worrying me.

Jo and Kate, I can see I'm not the only one getting antsy for change. Frabjulous indeed!

Mage And George said...

I like the new look a lot. You aren't just slow, and your widgets aren't pulling you behinder. My other half thinks there is a system crash of somesort. My OD space has been down a week, and he is unable to get to many other sites too. My blogspot identity is intact tho. Nothing new there tho. I'm working a very long 10 day homestand that makes me feel ten thousand years old. Many hugs..........I do miss your kitty. LOL