Wednesday, October 3, 2007

For Your Inner Child

One of my Aussie friends, the mighty Woofess, makes mournful mention now and then of how deprived she feels because of the paucity of snow where she lives. I really don't remember how I came to stumble across the Vat19 site but I immediately thought of her.

Remember my fun and games with the water gel crystals, which are a highly absorbent form of polymer? Well, the same thing in what is apparently a slightly different formulation comes in a powder form that, when combined with water, virtually explodes into unbelievably realistic fake snow.

Wait. Realistic fake? Isn't that one of those oxymoron whatsits, like government intelligence?

Never mind. It looks good enough to fool the casual observer. And that, Coffee Mates, presents a most wonderful potential for fun and games and practical jokery. Oh yes. And you know the Aussies, being so backward from the northern hemisphere, are just starting their long hot summer. Woofie would have no end of opportunities to confuse and confuddle her mates if she got her paws on some of this stuff. (Woof, there's a distributer in Australia who sells the stuff on eBay. I think he's out of Brisbane.)

If you pop over to the Vat19 site, there is an excellent short video, as well as a full explanation of this kewl toy. Also, YouTube has several videos about it, under fake snow or snow powder or faux snow and so on.

There's one 7-minute video from Austria (NOT the kangaroo place) featuring a most interesting couple -- man and wife, I assume. With my slow connection, I couldn't force myself to watch more than 2 minutes of it. I didn't mind that they were talking Austrian and I couldn't understand a word. That was okay. I didn't even mind that the shirtless fellow on camera was both hairy-chested and hairlessly pot-bellied. He had a puckish smile and a relaxed manner that said he was comfortable with his body and that's good enough.

I'll admit to being a bit impatient with the man who was operating the video camera because he was having enough trouble with focus and panning that I'm afraid a full 7 minutes might have brought on a headache. But what was making me crazy was the trouble the woman seemed to be having in presenting her demonstration. With all her moving around and talking and fiddling with the container of snow powder, after 2 very long minutes she still hadn't dumped it into the bucket of water. And her hubby sat there, smoking and smiling and adding commentary. He was definitely have more fun than I was.

That's okay. Out of all the videos I scanned, I found a dandy to share with you. This little kid made up for all the others. He exemplifies the enthusiasm and spirit and sense of fun that should be the model for everyone's inner child. If would be sad not to nurture an inner child like that.


John Bailey said...

That's one cute kid!

I think I'll wait for the real thing when it comes to snow, though. [Exits, smiling, and humming something about Jingle Bells...]

bonnie said...

I'm half awake and struggling to understand what the kid was saying. Gosh is my hearing going too?

Brought back memories of a dishpan with soap and water and a straw. Bet that was cheaper too.

Mage And George said...

What a great kid. "...and we did not edit that..." indeed.

Mage And George said...

Isn't he contageous. I like that kid. You too.