Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mahalo, Dole!

Mahalo. I believe that means "Thank you." in Hawaiian. I'm using that term because I just picked up my fresh pineapple from the market today -- and it's one of Dole's finest. Okay, maybe not the finest but it's a pretty fair-tasting pineapple, all the same.

Actually, my pineapple adventure comes in two parts -- maybe even three. First, the reason I got one is to try growing my very own personal pineapple. Toward that end, I have carefully prepared the crown according to directions I got online. That includes peeling off lower leaves until about an inch of the stem is bared. The roots, I'm told, will grow out from that nekkid portion. Now I'm supposed to let it air-dry for a few days until it develops a callous, then I stick it in some dirt and pray.

As for the flesh of the pineapple, I sectioned it in lots and lots of chunks and arranged them in three trays for the dehydrator, where they are beginning that gentle drying treatment as we speak. I had intended to save out some of the chunks for a shrimp stir fry tomorrow but I got so carried away filling the trays, I forgot.

Ooops! Ah well. I might do that anyway. Nothing says I can't hijack the contents of one of those trays for the stir fry. I'll see what kind of mood I'm in tomorrow. Maybe I should play some Hawaiian music for the ambiance, do you think? Hmmm -- I don't know if I even have any Hawaiian music, now that I think about it. And I don't know how that can be, when I enjoy it so much. Guess I'd better be for digging through my CDs, that's what.

In the meantime, my kitchen smells heavenly. One of the serendipitous benefits of fresh pineapple, as opposed to the canned stuff. Life is shweet.


John Bailey said...

You'll have no problem rooting that pineapple top, Dee. Works a treat! As to growing into another pineapple... that'd be a first! :-)

bonnie said...

I just realized I have never prepared a fresh pineapple. Probably figured I'd slice my fingers in the task. I'm the only one for the most part that eats it anyway.

Mage And George said...

Are you growing that indoors? Will it grow up there? I'm sure that if you feed it vitamins you will find it grows. So now go snag a couple of chunks for dinner. :)

Dee said...

I've started avocados from seed, John, so I'm hoping my teensy garden skills will hold up for the pineapple top. Actually, indoor pineapples do produce fruit -- but it takes a long time and one source said they were bitter. I hope she was wrong. (smile)

Bonnie, after having a messy time of it with the only other fresh one I'd prepared, I googled a bit and found the easy way. Just slice the whole thing into rounds, then cut off the rind with kitchen shears. Much neater and far less waste. Then I cut each round into quarters and snipping off the core was a cinch.

Yes, Mage, they will grow up here.The climate is pretty temperate and we have lots of old palm trees that have survived the occasional freeze (although I don't know if a pineapple could). But indoor pineapple plants are doable anywhere. And that's what this one is gonna be. Indoor. If I don't bumble it.