Tuesday, October 9, 2007


This picture really struck me as appropriate tonight. See, my mail program, Thunderbird, is acting really pissy and I'm at a loss as to why. I really suspect that for some reason the codes that make Thunderbird run do not play well with the codes that propel my ISP. I have no solid evidence to make my case. It's just that every time my ISP does an update, Thunderbird does something flaky. And I'm left feeling as though I'm dealing with the above setup.

Maybe it's just the weather. Which didn't turn out -- at least in this specific area -- to be anything like as bad as predicted. The wind didn't even start up until around 4 in the aye em and never got really heavy-duty over the course of the day. The rain finally started around 1:00 this afternoon and, at times, pelted down like it meant bidness.

There was one small leak. The skylight in the middle of the big hall area has never allowed itself to be well and truly sealed, much to the despair and disgust of my poor landlord. Billy stopped by today to see how his roof patching was holding up. I praised the job he did but he was terribly frustrated about the single glitch. Took it personally, he did.

One of the things he did downstairs today was to replace the burned out fluorescent lights in the laundry area. I was delighted because I'd been relying on the rather awkward use of a small flashlight when doing laundry. Couldn't even read the dials without it and the light fixtures were too far up in the high ceilings for me to do anything about them.

But the lights weren't all he took care of today. At one point I kept hearing strange noises down below. What on earth was he doing so earnestly down there? Finally, I couldn't stand it any more so I went truckin' down the stairs and popped through the door into the big back room. When he looked up, I said, "I think I'm becoming a nosy old lady but I had to come down and see what it was you were doing."

Then I did a double-take. There are several groups of odd lengths of scrap lumber, all different sizes, that have been leaning against a wall here and a wall there. Just sort of gathered together out of the way, patiently waiting for someone to figure out how they might be of use. Bill was vacuuming the scraps, piece by piece, with his handy-dandy, super-duper shop vac!

That might be carrying neatness too far.

But maybe he was just relieving his frustration at not being able to fix the skylight in the nasty weather. And he does love playing with his toys. He waved the vacuum hose around as he told me about the different things he wanted to do with the building and how he had to wait for one project until he could raise the money for a different project that would have to be completed first and, "What was I thinking?" he asked me. "Why did I think I could save an old building?"

"Ah, darlin'," I said. "Nowhere does it say you have to be thinking all the time. Where would be the fun in that?"

He'll manage it. It's just going to take more time and money than he'd originally thought. Not an uncommon occurrence, I'm afraid. But he's young and has the imagination and energy to follow through. He'll do fine.

And his scrap lumber will be in pristine condition if he ever figures out what to do with it.


John Bailey said...

Ah, Dee... you have a treasure in that bloke there. Don't let go!

I tried Thunderbird and dropped it as being a tad too eccentric. Now that Eudora has dropped off the perch, feet upwards, and following on a long history of difficulties with email clients I've gone over to web mail on Google and am very happy with it. It's the same as going over to the blog -- let someone else do the hard stuff. Trouble is, that's only possible with an 'always-on' broadband connection... :-(

The Old Guy said...

Good advice from John Bailey here. Google has something that most of us seniors increasingly don't: memory. The calendar function is wonderful if you remember to put stuff on it and read it occasionally :) And being able to search through the old jokes so you can stop people who have forwarded the same thing for the third time: priceless. Not to mention Picasa, a free picture album organizer, and Docs and Spreadsheets, where you can store your tax information forever until the IRS needs it for their newly-announced random detailed audits over the next three years cuz they're missing out on $345 billion a year from the cheaters. (Doesn't that mean that each of us owes Uncle Sam $1 billion a year?)

I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go...

Mage And George said...

Yes, I've been through that "save the old building" routine. Several times actually. This time I'm in a seventies building and regretting the bad construction. I bet yours is built well. :)

Mage And George said...

PS: We use an older Netscape, but all we do with it is the mail. The drag and drop function leaves us cheering with our network. BUT....If someone sends a link, we have to paste it into Explorer.....darn it.

bonnie said...

That is one funny cartoon. Our isp sent notice with the bill that we could reset the modem now and get faster service. The directions were not for a digital modem and Wil was perplexed.

All it took was a phone call to be told about the darling tiny pen point reset button. Stupid pushed it while on the phone so it was bye bye tech. :-)

Jo said...

There are several other alternative e-mail browsers out there. I'm currently using Foxmail. The only thing you have to do, though, is go in the directory where it is installed and change the file called Chinese.lgb to Chineseold.lgb or else all the text in Foxmail will be in Chinese. Doing this changes everything to English so you can read the help file and the template manager and stuff like that.

Gmail is the greatest but I don't like to have to click too much to read all my mail. I forward all my mail to my POP account and it all comes into Foxmail for me to read easily.

Dee said...

Wow! Lots of good advice coming in. Thank you, Coffee Mates! I do believe you've inspired me to do some email client research today. And I think it's scaring Thunderbird because it's been almost behaving this morning. (grin)