Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dell Rocks!

Today was the scheduled time for my darlin' computer angel to arrive and fix my darlin' Dell laptop. Would you believe he looked like this?


Darn. I sure can't pull the sheep over your eyes. Besides, Dell wouldn't dare hire technicians who looked like that. We'd be throwing our computers under trucks and out of windows at least once a week so we could enjoy more service calls.

Just kidding, honest. My idea of authentic computer angels would be Penny and Michael of Crescent Computer Services. Mind you, they're located in Grants Pass, way to heck and gone over on I-5, more than 150 miles and 3-plus hours from here. Penny handles the phone calls and appointment stuff and Michael heads out with replacement parts and tools, secure in the knowledge that she's deciphered location directions correctly.

I really do appreciate technicians who let you watch them work and have the patience to answer idiot questions without clenching their teeth. Michael was cool with my pestering. Didn't even show any nervous tics or random twitches. Nerves of stainless steel, that man.

He can also fieldstrip the lid of a laptop in a most impressive manner. I should have counted the screws. There are a kajillion teeny-tiny screws, some in places you don't even realize are places. I believe it's safe to say the Dell laptops are unlikely to fall apart for any but the most dire of reasons. Like being tossed from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle.

I wish you could see my new screen. It's so bright and sharp and clear and clean and gorgeous -- and I'll tell you what -- I'm mighty grateful for that warranty. When Michael gave me a ballpark figure on what I would have had to pay without it, I nearly fainted. And that wasn't even figuring in his service call. Suffice it to say, the warranty has paid for itself and then some.

So let me go on record here -- I love my Dell Inspiron. I love Dell. I think their customer service is superb. And when they have people like Penny and Michael representing them, they won't go wrong. Thanks, Dell. Thanks, Michael and Penny.

Ohhhhh, look ... I found a white feather stuck to the laptop.


The Old Guy said...

Dell-licious. Or maybe Dell-licentious? Angels are from heaven: computers are from Dell. Our Dell tech almost became a member of the family (at work). Apparently Dell, along with other makers, bought vast numbers of capacitors that turned out to be a cheap knockoff of somebody else's original design. They burned out almost every time there was a power outage. So the poor guy had to come in and replace the motherboard whenever that happened. Almost as fussy a job as replacing a screen on a laptop.
Glad you're back, Dee.

Wendy, NC said...

Dee, Dell does, indeed, build a good machine--but I've come to believe that Mac builds a better one. ;)

John Bailey said...

Two thoughts occur:

1. I wonder where he keeps his screwdriver.

2. Whoever thought of dressing him up in a boa like that needs seeing to. With a brick.

But I'd do better to bite my lip... :-)

Dee said...

You people are all making me snort my coffee. STOP THAT! Makes my nose smart and tingle.

bonnie said...

Did you leave them the url for your blog so they could see what he appeared as? :-)

Dee said...

Yuppers, Bonnie. I sent them the url via email. Haven't heard anything yet so I don't know if they liked it or if they're putting out a contract on me. (grin)

Anonymous said...

Funeee, Dee. I would have loved a back view to see if his pants rode down showing that, ahem, special part of the anatomy that we hear most repairmen have....

I don't have a Dell, couldn't afford a Dell, wish I had a Dell. Especially now. ~sigh~


Mage And George said...

Welcome back.......love that guy with the feathers. LOL

Becky said...

Running late on this one, but your comment about the screws made me remember the last time I needed a Dell repair. The tech told me, very seriously, that he had plenty of correct-sized screws in his toolbox, and that with such itty-bitty screws there were usually a few dropped and found floating around after repairs were complete. I shouldn't worry that my laptop was going to fall apart or anything.

And true to his word, there were three screws on the table after he left.