Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How To Make Spell Check Nutz

When one is unable to take one's own pictures, one tends to look around for pictures others have taken. Some of the most phun photos I've found are at the hilarious LOLCats site, which I've mentioned before. It's all too easy to spend hours there, browsing and snorting liquids when you try to laugh with your mouth full -- and the best part is, they let you take the pictures you like with you.

It isn't just cats, either, although they do outnumber the other critters. But you will find a few meece and squirlz and ellyphunts and other assorted wild life and, if you browse long enough you can haz trubble remembering how to spel ur werds gud.

Also, you will find yourself battling a sudden craving for cheeseburgers.

It's been a quiet kind of day. The fog has been curling in close since before the hidden sunrise, muffling sound and shrinking the landscape. That's a welcome relief after the violence of the storms. I know writers use fog to build a setting of eerie mystery but, in this case, it feels more like a comforting hug after battle. Softness and peace after wild raw power.

I have to say, after reading various news stories this morning, our little village was extremely fortunate compared to other places along the coast. We can certainly be grateful for that.

Now I'm going to cut this short and prowl around the kitchen, looking for sustenance. A cheezburger iz imposibull but I haz cheez. And one hot dog. I can haz cheez pup?


The Old Guy said...

U haz diskuverd how 2 waist ur time just laik the rest uv us. Welkim 2 r club.


The Old Guy said...

Oar U kud teech Ralf a nu trik. Laik in UToob.

Jo said...

As you can see, The Old Guy--my guy--has perfected the art of catspeak. He and I are addicted to this and speak it quite a bit during the day. That website--LOLcat--I've read every page and it was well worth it, LOL.

Dee said...

OMG!! I can haz loler frens! Awsum.

Dee said...

Hey! That video is you guyz! How cool. And I said so in the comment section but my connection is so horribly slow tonight, it still hasn't been approved. (sigh) And when I try to hit the subscribe button, it just turns to unsubscribe. Say whut? Anyway, if I can't get subscribed, I hope you'll announce the next video, okay?

Anonymous said...

Well I hate to tell you folks that isn't cat talk, that is what people who frequent instant messaging do. And don't forget you don't have to capitalize I any more. :-)-- bb

Mage And George said... cat speak, I do achooooooooo speak here. I'm just glad you are ok and here.

K said...

Your posts are making me lonely for Langlois storms. The year I spent there was great, and walking to the post office in the rain was a treat every time. Unfortunately, I am married to a desert rat who got very sick from the green water from our tap when it stormed. I thought I'd move back when he passed on, but he's still hanging on, and I have settled for videos, and a sprinkler on the outside wall. kdip

The Old Guy said...

So, anon, what makes you think cats don't instant message? Or maybe it's instant massage... or maybe insistent massage as in "I knead thee every hour". i dunno but thankz 4 ur commint abowt cat-pitalizing on all this stuff. That makes it ezeeyer 4 a cat which kant hold down the shift kee. OH SHUTE NEOW I JUST STEPT ON THE CAPSLOCK..

Jo said...

Hey, Dee, it is rather neat to see people you've written to for years doing something live via videos. If you want to see us some more here are two links of us with our drumming group. Bill is on the balafon--a wooden xylophone. And, me, well, you can't miss me 'cause I'm the biggest one there, LOL. Here's a gig in Middletown, Ohio: and here a practice session we were doing but Bill's not in this one; click on 'learning a new rhythm': . I know you have a slow connection so you can try to watch if you want to.