Saturday, December 8, 2007

Productive Negotiations


Oh my. I really didn't mean to let so much time go by between posts. Don't quite know how that happened. A minor slip in the quantum continuum, I guess. Hey, one theory is as good as another sometimes. (Slinging a few physics terms around always sounds kind of sexy even when it doesn't make any sense.)

The big thing today is, SUNSHINE. All day. I loved it. Don't remember the last time there was a full day of sunshine uncluttered by cloud cover but I sure appreciate the temporary appearance. The down side of that, of course, is that it's colder when there's no cloud cover. There's always something to bitch about, isn't there? Although some of us would complain if they hung us with a brand new rope.

I'm in the throes of a culinary experiment. Found a recipe for Clementine Torte. You know about Clementines -- those wonderful little seedless oranges that peel like tangerines and are so sweet and tasty? Lee usually has them at the market this time of year but, for whatever reason, he has Satsumas in this time. That's okay. Satsumas are very much like Clementines so that's what I'm going with.

What you have to do is simmer something like six of the little rascals for about two hours and then let them cool. Then you run them through the blender, hide and all, with eggs and vanilla flavoring. Which you add to a mixture of almond meal and other stuff. Except I don't have almond meal and I don't even care for almonds, thank you very much, so I'm going to use regular flour and add a little butter to the recipe to make up for the fat I won't be getting from the almond meal I won't be using. Are you following me here? Anyway, that's why I'm calling it an experiment. I'm really going to hate it if it doesn't turn out.

Saw some of the power and light crew when I went to the market for the Satsumas. I told them they were magnificent, which they certainly are. The volume of dangerous work they have to do during and after storms is simply boggling. They grinned. I don't think they get thanked often enough.

Do any of you remember the Tiara cake pans from Lord only knows how many years ago? What happened was, Duncan Hines (of the cake mix people) got together with Ecko (of the cake pan people who do the Baker's Secret line) and you could get the pan, along with a box of cake mix and a packet of pie filling. The pans are like a shallower version of the Maryann (or Mary Anne) cake pan, also known as obsttortenform pan, or torte or flan pan. They can be either straight-sided or fluted and are formed with a center mesa that is lower than the edges, with a moat between the mesa and the sides. You pour in the batter, bake it, then turn it out on your serving plate. When it is upside-down, you have a cake with a well in the center (the reverse of the mesa) which you can fill with whatever you want, whether it be a pudding or pie filling. Sort of the best of both the pie and cake worlds.

The reason I mention it is, I have one of those Tiara pans and I haven't used it in years. And I'm thinking it might be fun to do the torte in it and fill it with some kind of fruity concoction. And top it with whipped cream. Oh yeah. On the other hand, it is, as I said, shallow. Maybe I'd better just go ahead and use my springform pan, at least until I know the durned torte will be something I want to fool with. It's supposed to be best if you let it sit for a few days. Hmmm. Wonder if I can actually wait that long to test taste it.

If we're going to be really scientific about it, I think I ought to carve off one slice every day and compare the flavor as I go along. Right? That way, I'll know for sure if it needs to ripen before serving.

I just love it when negotiations work out in my favor.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love fruity concoctions, Dee!

--John Bailey

Mage And George said...

But not if you substitute flour for almond meal. I'm left shaking my head at ya.

Anonymous said...

Love the cat and kitten pictures you are finding.-- anon Bon

Dee said...

Me too, John. (smile)

Mage. What? Gee, how did I know? You are right, of course. It tastes lovely but the texture sucks. Damn.

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