Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baby's Comin' Home

At the risk of behaving like a proud granny showing off kidlet pictures, I'm sorta-kinda borrowing a couple of shots from Steve's Digicams to show you what ol' Lazarus looks like. Please don't taze me, Steve.

I'm doing this in celebration of a very happy update on the shipping situation. See, I was expecting Canon to ship Lazarus back via UPS because that's what they offered me for free shipping when I sent him in. And, as you know, as of last night there had been no indication that the package was actually on its way.

Boy, did I get a nice surprise when I opened my email this morning. There was a message from Canon telling me they had shipped Lazarus out yesterday, via FedEx Two Day! Then they thoughtfully gave me the link to track what FedEx was doing.

That's when it got exciting. Lazarus left Aurora, Illinois at 2:31 pm yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon and arrived in Oakland, CA at 9:19 am this morning. Wowser! Over on the side, a notation on estimated arrival here was projected to be any time tomorrow (Friday) up to 4:30 pm.

Then I noticed another line which informed me I needed to sign for the package for the FedEx person to be able to leave it. That complicates things just a teensy bit. I live upstairs. There is no doorbell downstairs and I have discovered I can't hear anyone knocking on the door from up here. Folks have learned to give me a ringy-dingy to let me know they're coming so I can unlock the door, allowing them to walk in and come on up the stairs. That won't work for the FedEx person.

I think I have the problem solved, however. Besides frequent peeks out the kitchen windows, in hopes I time the look-see to the moment that delivery truck pulls into the parking lot, I've stuck a note to the door. It's addressed to Dear FedEx Person and thanks him or her most kindly, then explains the situation and leaves instructions for placement of the package. Then I added every conceivable number associated with the order and signed my name, big and bold.

I dunno. Maybe I'd better just park myself by one of the windows with a good book and drape the curtains so they're open. You think?


Jo said...

Exciting news but then worrisome about missing them. The note and details should do the trick. Thought you might like some reassurance.

The Old Guy said...

I dunno, Dee. In my experience, even leaving a note has resulted in drivers ignoring the note, tapping the computer box as a nobody home and leaving behind a helpful "well, dammit, we tried, so call us if you really want this thing" type of tag.

I don't wanna increase the anxiety levels but I'd say avail yourself of a nice long piece of bright orange nylon rope, attach a rock to the bottom so it won't blow out to the haystacks. Attach an Owl-type note (Winnie-The-Pooh) near the rock that says, "Plz pull if signichr is requid", hang it out the window, and fasten yourself to the upper end. Sit quietly with a large cup of java to hand.

No delivery person can resist a thirty-foot bell rope. Sometimes it just takes a little pull to get what you want.

Becky said...

Dee, I'm sure the note won't work. FedEx is not allowed to leave a package unless the SENDER okays it, and since that didn't happen, you'll have to sign for it.

I think you'd best park yourself where you can see.


Dee said...

Oh Lordy. Y'all have convinced me not to rely on the note. What a shame. UPS allows the *recipient* to okay the drop-off scenario because, after all, the recipient is the one who would know what's safe and what isn't. I did go to the FedEx web site and leave instructions okaying the drop my way but have no clue whether the driver will be informed.

Bill, I've gotta tell you, I have been trying to figure out a bell-pull setup ever since I moved in here. Can't drop the rope from the kitchen windows. 1. They don't open on that side and, 2. the roof of the car port extends waaay out from there. I've considered attaching a cow bell and running a long rope down through the laundry chute and then through a hole in the wall by the door -- but I do believe my landlord would not approve of additional holes in his building. (smile)I could leave a basket of pebbles out there, with instructions to toss them at the windows but I'm afraid that would net me some broken glass.

I'll eventually figure out something, I'm sure. In the meantime, I foresee camping out by the kitchen window tomorrow. The good news is, it's in the kitchen, with food and coffee available at all times. How tough can that be?

Bonnie said...

You could ask all the neighbors on that side to give a ring when they see the vehicle pull up.

Dee said...

Bonnie, the only neighbors on that side would be the Greasy Spoon -- and since the truck would have to pull into the parking lot after it passes the Spoon, they wouldn't *know.*

It's okay. I've got kitchen-side stuff to do tomorrow anyway so it'll work out fine.

Anonymous said...

The antics we go through to get our hands on our mail! Dee, you need a 'wireless' door bell. The push has a small battery and can be positioned quite a long distance away from the 'bell'.

John B.

Dee said...

Oh fercryin'outloud. John, you're a genius. It never even occurred to me that there was such a thing as a wireless door bell! I just did a quick Google and couldn't believe the variety available. Now my only problem is going to be choosing one. Thank you, good buddy. Virtual smoochies to you. All over your face. (smile)

~ Sil said...

Oh, happy day! *^-^*

Mage And George said... FedEx and tell them they have to come up the stairs and explain your problem, ask when the driver is usually there so you can go camp out at the door....yes, do not rely on a note. Change the note to say "Come Up Stairs."

Yes, you have to have this camera. I, and probably the rest of us will keep on checking back to see if you got it. Crossing fingers, toes, and elbows......

Gordo said...

Life just isn't the same without a camera. Is it there yet?

Dee said...

YES!!!! Sorry about the yelling. The camera arrived and I am immersed in the owner's manual. Details later, in tonight's post. BIG surprise!