Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bent Resolution


So much for that resolution. The one about not missing any posts this year. Last night found me engrossed in a book that made me oblivious to the passing of time -- until well after the midnight hour. But maybe I should consider the resolution merely bent instead of broken. I could just modify it a bit by resolving that I'll try not to miss very many posts. Because I certainly hope to find myself engrossed in good writing on other occasions. Wouldn't have it any other way, to tell you the truth.

Stephen King gets the blame for last night's distraction. Yes, he's one of my favorite authors. I don't always like his subject matter but I always admire his storytelling skill. The tome under current perusal is an older book, "It." Short title, huge book. "It" checks in at a whoppin' 1138 pages. You could make a case for the dreaded condition of book bloat, I suppose. Except King somehow manages to make every page count.

It's not like he's unable to write lean. He has a lot of really fine short stories to his credit. That, in itself, commands respect. A lot of authors will tell you it ain't easy to do both kinds of writing. Most go either long or short but few do both. Even fewer do both well.

Here's an interesting factoid for you ... did you know Tabitha King, Stephen's wife, is a most excellent author in her own right? I've only read one of her books, "Pearl," and was hugely impressed. She writes a whole different kind of story than her more prolific husband but the quality of writing doesn't take a back seat to him or anyone else. Why haven't I read more of her work? Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. I just never see any of her seven published books around. I'm going to have to add her name to my library hunt list.

And now I'm going to replenish my coffee mug and curl up with Ralph and Stephen King. See you all tomorrow.


Gordo said...

OMG ... "It" is one of my favourite King books. I have no idea how he manages to churn out a story that long and still suck you in for hours at a stretch, but the does. The Talisman, written with Peter Straub is excellent as well.

Dee said...

Yes, it is, Gordo. I'm also wanting to read "Black House," which is their sequel to "Talisman." They are a formidable writing combo, those two.

stephanieee said...

Black House isn't nearly as good as Talisman, but still worth a read, I guess. As for Tabitha King, I highly recommend the other two books in the Pearl trilogy.

Anonymous said...

I think that 'It' was the last Stephen King book I read and enjoyed. The guy's a great writer.

I seem to have gorn orf fiction this past few years to the point where I'm still struggling to complete the final Harry Potter, and doing that only for the sake of neatness.

John B.

Bonnie said...

Would you send me the url for those cat pictures you show? Thanks.

Dee said...

Ah, Steph -- sequels often fall short of our expectations, don't they? I have never been able to figure out if that's because we set the bar too high or if they're really inferior. Because, sometimes, I've read the sequel first and subsequently found the original to be inferior! (smile)

John, I don't want to present any spoilers but I'll give you a hint: the books action picks up toward the end.

Bonnie, the basic url is and once you get there, click on LOLCAT BUILDER, a link at the top of the page. That takes you to the first page of many, all filled with thumbnails which you can click to full size. Some are captioned, most are not.