Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Four Days ...

The Canon repair center has an online page where you can track the status of your order. I've gone there so many times that I've actually memorized my work order number -- and I'm a person who has a terrible time remembering numbers.

The news hasn't changed since I started checking in there. It tells me the camera has been accepted and then it states "Not yet shipped."

Until this morning. To my delight, this morning's message read:

Current Repair Status




(Unit will be delivered to you within approximately 4 business days)

Shipping /

Not yet shipped

Yippee! Stuff is happening! It is. At last. Hooboy. I was so excited, I almost tripped over Ralph while doing a happy dance. Fortunately, Ralph has a long history of being almost tripped over, due to his very bad habit of stopping suddenly when he's walking in front of you. Consequently, he was not terribly startled and I remained vertical so it all worked out okay.

I confess to popping back to the tracking site several times over the course of the day, including just a few minutes ago. That last line continues to implacably insist: Not yet shipped.

Okay. I guess ol' Lazarus has to be sent to whatever department handles packing precious cargo into suitable boxes with suitable protective swaddling. Then the package has to go to wherever it goes to be turned over to the gentle care of UPS who, in turn, have to move said package into their routing stream with attendant scheduling and transport from there to here.

Four business days. Does that include today or do they start counting tomorrow? I'll give them today. That leaves Thursday and Friday of this week, skip the weekend, then Monday and Tuesday of next week. So I should see a most welcome package sitting beside the door step sometime Tuesday afternoon. Right?

If I plan on a Tuesday delivery, I can be pleasantly surprised if it actually shows up on Monday. I'll make sure the batteries are freshly recharged Monday morning. Just in case. And I already know the subject of the first photo session that will be required of Lazarus. There is an amaryllis in the window by the dining table that should be doing its second bloom right about then.

The first bloom stalk shot up and displayed four gorgeous blossoms in time for Christmas. Those blossoms did their thing and have been slowly withering ever since. In the meantime, a second stalk has shot up to half again the height of the first one and the blossom packet at the top is beginning to separate. I figure there will be at least one bloom fully formed by Monday.

In the meantime, I'm sending out virtual hugs to the phine pholk at Canon for being kind to Lazarus. More hugs go to UPS, of course, for bringing him back to me. (What can Brown do for you today?) Four days. Geesh. Four days ...


Gordo said...

Statistically, it's been proven that time actually slows when one is waiting for delivery of a package. Well, it sures feels that way. :-)

Anonymous said...

Counting the days with you, Dee!

John B.

Dee said...

I believe you're right, Gordo. The old "watched pot" syndrome. [sigh]

Thank you, John. And chill the champagne, please, so we can celebrate when the counting is done!

Bonnie said...

Ah so where can I find those cat pictures you are featuring and will go by the wayside once a camera clicks?

Mage And George said...

Yes, the watched pot syndrome. LOL