Friday, January 11, 2008

How To Pester The Cat

We're not doing LOLcats tonight, folks. This bad boy be my cat. Uhhh, I mean this is Ralph, His Royal Fluffiness, for whom I serve as minion. Or something.

And you know that means the camera arrived today and I was able to catch the FedEx fella before he drove away without leaving my prize, oh yeah, verily I saith unto you. I managed to bake a loaf of bread and roast some coffee while I was waiting but I had the cafe curtains flipped up over the rod so I could keep at least one eye on the parking lot no matter what I was doing.

Good thing, too. The very nice delivery man explained to me that my note wouldn't have worked (you were right, Becky) because he had to do the signature thing face-to-face. He also explained why I couldn't find their phone number. He said they really don't cater to individuals, preferring to have a business customer base. But if you need to call them, the phone number is 1-800-GOFEDEX.

The whole FedEx experience today seemed like some kind of trickle-down effect, going from large to small. At 11:05 am (I kept a notepad by my coffee mug) I spotted the big FedEx truck when it pulled up in front of B & B Farm Supply, on the corner of the next block north. Couldn't stand the suspense so I called B & B and asked if the driver was looking for me. Cindy giggled and said, "No, Dee. This is the big truck. You want the little truck."

Right. I knew that.

At 12:45, a medium-sized FedEx truck went past, headed north. "That's not the little one," I reassured myself. "Really. That's bigger than little."

Then, at 1:10 pm -- historic moment -- the FedEx small truck/van/whatever pulled up across the street and the man got out and began obviously peering at building numbers. "Oh, Ralph," I yelled, "that one is ours!" and I tore downstairs. By the time I got to the car port, my delivery man had turned around and pulled in on my side of the street -- but he parked in front of the building. He still hadn't figured out my address was at the back. No problem. I met him out front. And signed his little electronic thingie, restrained myself from kissing him, clutched the box and skittered back across the parking lot and up the stairs.

I didn't think I could get any more excited. I was wrong. When I opened the box, there was a zero-balance invoice tucked in between another box and a lot of ghost poop. I scanned it quickly and then did a double-take. It said: "We have examined the product according to your request and determined that there was a failure. Unfortunately, the parts needed to repair the unit are not available so, in order to minimize your inconvenience, we are replacing the whole unit." [emphasis mine]

"Well, isn't that nice of them," I said, and opened up the inner box. My eyes got big. Instead of the perfectly respectable silver finish that was on Lazarus, this new little guy was a sleek sexy black which, incidentally, I really prefer. My grin got bigger.

Then my eyes got bigger again and I did another double-take. Folks, Canon didn't just replace the other camera, they upgraded it with the latest model in the Power Shot S-line. Instead of an S-1, I was looking at the 2007 S-5! If you want to check it out, here is the review at Steve's Digicams.

Now, I have to assure you that the Canon folk have not lost their collective minds. The replacement camera is refurbished and "provided ... as a courtesy only," therefore there is no repair warranty on it. Listen, that's perfectly okay. My first digicam was a refurbished Kodak and I loved it. What I'll do is call Canon up and, after groveling at their feet with excess gratitude, I'll see if they'll let me buy some repair insurance.

I have spent the rest of the day, needless to say, immersed in the owner's manual and playing. Ralph has been extremely patient with me, especially when you consider that I spoiled his nap with all those flash pictures. I wish you could see the above photo in its original form but I skinnied it considerably to upload here. The camera came set at the Fine resolution and I haven't figured out enough yet to test out the other resolutions. So I took the picture with the camera in Portrait mode, just to see how it worked. Didn't do anything with the photo except crop and put it on a diet.

I'm lovin' this. Oh yeah. I'm also quite overwhelmed. This camera does so much! That is NOT a complaint. It'll be fun figuring everything out. Well, probably not everything. But lots. Yes.

Oh. If my favorite Old Grey Poet happens to be hanging around, please note the request below that I'm passing on from Ralph. Thanks, love.


Wendy said...

Well, hot golly durn, Miss Dee--I don't know which is more impressive, Ralph or Canon. Okay, it has to be Ralph on appearance, but Canon is right up there on customer service. I'd say they came up with a solution that works.

Bonnie said...

Wow! refurbish often is OK, my printer (knock on wood)is. And HP like your camera folks knew they had a problem and replaced it out of warranty no less!

I didn't remember Ralph having so much white on his chest. Dag nab it, mind wandering away again.

You have Ralph and I tossed Pook up on blogspot.

The Old Guy said...

Ralph looks like he's just been shot from a Canon.

This takes us all back to the early days of blogging camp, when you took wonderful but sometimes indistinct pictures of geese in trees and frogs in ponds and flowers and mystery weeds and sunsets and cats so many other things we've lost count. The difference is your New Year's resolution is probably a few million pixels better.

Have a great time in your new world of hi-fi fotografy. We're watching!

Bonnie said...

Wil wants to know if you finished the candy? :-)

Jo said...

Dee, let's see you put a caption on ole Ralphie's picture there. It's a LOLCat just waiting to happen. So happy for you that you got the 'new' camera. I think you lead a charmed life of sumptin'.

Dee said...

Wendy, Ralph says "Thank you muchly." He is gracious when in regal mood. And, yep, Canon has impressed me.

Bonnie, here's hoping we continue to have good luck with the refurbished things! And tell Wil I finished the petit fours but not the turtles. The ecstasy isn't over yet. (grin)

Ah, Bill, if only I'd had this 10x zoom *then,* eh? (Good hit on the pun, by the way.)

Becky said...

Dee, I'm glad I knew that about FedEx! Those pictures are wonderful! I'm glad Canon did right by you, and I'm all in favor of refurbs...I've always had good luck with refurb things. Hope Canon has a warranty plan to sell you.


Anonymous said...

Trust me to sleep in and miss all the fun! Ralph is a completely handsome cat and I'll be sure to grab Dolly to have a good look at him next time she passes.

That Canon is a great camera and I'm delighted it's come to you. All good things in life come with stories attached!

John B.

Gordo said...

Whoo Hoo! I have an S5, Dee. What a great camera. Enjoy!

Bonnie said...

ryc: yep I only started blogspot to beat the two comment pages that open up here. Didn't work. lol

Mike said...

yay! right tool for the right gal, and the world still holds princes among men...


Dee said...

I hope I can get coverage, too, Becky. At least for a year or so.

Thanks for passing on the message, John. My fault, really. I should never have let Ralph see any of Dolly's pictures.

Gordo, I promise I'll try to avoid pestering you about S5 questions. (grin)

Thanks, Mikers! Need any frog pictures taken? Besides the ones you do yourself, I mean.

Gordo said...

Ask away, Dee! I completely forgot to mention that the video function is great, too. I shot this with it:

Mage And George said...

Oh, Oh, Oh........we are so excited. This is beyond cool beans, this is reality that's so far out we are cheering. Wonderful. I'm the brand new owner of a Canon Power Shot myself, and I can feel your excitement here.