Friday, January 4, 2008

Minor Mystery

As mysteries go, this one is hardly earth-shaking. Rather, it falls in the category of Things That Bug Me But Don't Cause Me To Lose Sleep.

I'm sure you all recognize the featured character above. Known far and wide as The Happiness Fairy, he has usually appeared in email Inboxes like this:

You might notice the original (I assume it is the original version) has him standing on the word "Morning" and, underneath, is a 2004 copyright notice for DiceDOLL Creation. The words on the side of the caption have obviously been added to the artwork at a later time.

That version appears on the JibJab site in the joke section. One of the commenters mentioned having seen the same image with a different caption: "I'm in my snapdragon phase -- part of me has snapped and the other part is draggin'."

I was blessed with the top version of the Happiness Fairy in today's mail, in a post from my friend Ralph -- thanks, Ralph! (That would be Ralph The Man, as opposed to Ralph His Fluffiness.) The caption this time read: "To all my friends who sent me best wishes for 2007, it did NOTHING at all. For 2008, could you please send either money, alcohol or gas vouchers? Cheers."

Here's the part that makes me nuts -- no matter how hard I Google, I can't find hide nor hair nor twinkling eye of the talented person who originated the Happiness Fairy. I suppose I shouldn't even use the Happiness Fairy nom de plume since that was a later add-on. The Morning Person? No matter. DiceDOLL seems to have vanished into the wilds of cyberspace.

Really vanished. Folks are starting to peddle coffee mugs and tee-shirts with the image and, as far as I can tell, there don't seem to be any repercussions over copyright violations.

That's a shame, the vanishment, I mean. I'd like to see more of this person's work. I'd like to compliment the creator of this little character. It isn't just that I admire the art talent, it's that the character is one that people all over the world (really) have identified with and enjoyed. I don't think too many of us wake up with ladybugs in our hair but we can certainly relate to that "morning look."

Wherever you are, DiceDOLL, good work -- and thanks for the smile!


Kate & Jim said...

Oh my - But yes, I've received that 'Friggin' Happiness Fairy' and have also sent it along...bearing the good wishes! Loved it!

Wish we knew who to credit.

Gordo said...

Hmph. Now, I feel left out for never having received it.

It IS puzzling that the originator can't be located.

Bonnie said...

I've received it as a jpg and I do believe a gif, neither with credit. So yes indeed it has been around. Yes indeed I've laughed and sent it on.

Anonymous said...

This little fellow (gal?) is getting as popular as Kilroy. I must admit disappointment though. The tease in your notify, "Somethng that goes well with coffee", had already started my mouth watering. I thought for sure there'd be a recipe for a new coffeecake, or a muffin, or another of your wonderful concoctions. Oh, well. I don't need the calories anyway.


Mage And George said...

By now they have an advanced degree in business, have one wife and 2.5 kids, a home in suburbia, and work for ATT. :)

Dee said...

Dang! My connection is behaving a bit squirrelly today. I already tried this once and it didn't go through. Now if I can only remember what I said the first time ...

Gordo, I believe I told you to consider yourself "sent to" with this post so you don't have to feel left out.

Ava, I semi-apologized for the tease -- which was too much fun to warrant a total apology. Just so you know -- I don't always inflict calories on my friends. (smile)

Mage, you could be right about what's happened to the artist. Sort of like a hippy who has gone establishment? But think of the residuals missed with the copyright. Could help raise those 2.5 kids.

Festus said...

Mahaps this might be it?,1&Search%5FArg=happiness%20fairy&Search%5FCode=FT%2A&CNT=25&PID=6136&SEQ=20080105234400&SID=4

Dee said...

I don't think so, Fes. That appears to be a fabric company and the copyrights cover fabric designs. The fairies seem to be the more traditional types. *Our* particular fairy strikes me as being more along the lines of illustration for, say, stationery tablets. Or posters. Paper print medium, in other words. But thanks for the link. That's neat!

ICNothing said...

Although this is a bit late in coming, I did find a reference for anyone who wishes to follow up on it

The site's no longer up but it may just give a name tied to the "company"

Anonymous said...