Saturday, February 9, 2008

Thinking Inside the Box


I keep seeing these photos of cats and dogs curled up cozy and comfy inside those soft round fur kid beds. They all look content. Pampered. Cared for. I was beginning to wonder if perhaps I was guilty of insufficient concern about the pamper potential of His Fluffiness.

Ralph put my mind at ease. I'd forgotten how much he adored simple cardboard boxes. Especially the boxes that seemed far too small to accommodate his mass, either fluffed or unfluffed. He seems especially fond of the size I usually get with an Amazon order. In his mind, the typical Amazon box is built unerringly to Ralph-like specifications.


He's been breaking this speciman in over the last couple of days. Got the one flap aligned at exactly the proper slant for comfort and the other flaps upright for that cozy ambiance. So far he's managed to curl up in such a way as to maximize his snugness and minimize stress on the corners of the box. The sides aren't even bulging yet. It's like watching a quart of cat fit into a pint container.

I shouldn't be at all surprised at Ralph's preferences. I went through the very same thing when my kidlets were toddling about. All parents learn early that the younglings adore and prefer whatever they can glean from kitchen cupboards and will ignore the most expensive offerings from toy stores. It's only when they get older that they begin to lust after the In toys and the older they get, the more expensive the toy. Ask any adult male about his truck.


I have to admire Ralph's attitude. He instinctively knows and practices the art of being happy with what he has instead of yearning for more.

Well. Except when his food dish is empty.


Wendy said...

Dee, thanks for the Ralph photo op! He is, indeed, quite the handsome feline fellow. Tell me, though, are we really seeing his bib and tummy in the first picture?

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I shall show Dolly this essay, when she wakes up... :-)

John B.

crowcottage said...

Thanks for the smiles first thing in the morning - even before my first cuppa!

stephanieee said...

What a good looking cat. He reminds me so much of my old cat, Jake. Sniff.

Dee said...

Good morning, all! Glad you enjoyed the Ralph spread. It was fun to do. The box is positioned to my left, at the end of the desk, and the camera is to my right. All I have to do is look up from the computer from time to time and pounce on opportunity like Ralph pounces on his new favorite bed.

Wendy, yes. That IS his bib and tummy. I understand your wonder, though. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how he had himself arranged in there. Cats are such contortionists!

Anonymous said...

Ralph is my kind of kitty. He is much his own self, and his devilish looks are You know what I mean. He is his own man.

As for the phenomenen of the big cat in the too small box, it's so typical of feline thinking. "I DO so fit in here!" And again and again, they prove it is so by snuggling into that small space as if was tailor made.

Tell Ralph how much he is adored by his fans. Something tells me he knows it already though.


Glo said...

Royalty! That's what he looks like. Obviously, one doesn't need a castle to feel themselves worthy of royal treatment. He's a beauty!

The Old Guy said...

You don't suppose he's practicing to be a pilot (flaps up, flaps down!) do you? Definitely the Best Picture of Ralph In A Series award winner. He reminds me of Mervyn ( Something about the eyes and the expression of "You know, Dee, that camera is starting to bore me" in the first picture. Don't let him intimidate you. Keep on flashing!

Bonnie said...

Does he like paper bags as much as Chan and Charlie used too?

No store bought bed will Chan use. Box top from computer paper, shower curtain laid by Wil's desk, old cheap blanket by our closet. And of course the recliner AFTER I warm it up for him.

Mage And George said...

A true contortionist. So opionated too. :)

PS: Did I ever mention to you that I drive my husband's toy now. LOL

Jim said...

The same thing happens with every box that comes to our house: Tiger hops right in it because he knows it is his (his attitude is that everything is his).

Of course my parents used to tell the story of how, back long ago when I was a toddler and my father bought me a tricycle for Christmas (with, according to family legend, the very last of his WWII mustering out pay) and I sat there having a wonderful time playing with the box it came in.