Monday, March 10, 2008

Celebrating NOW

I've had mixed success with my indoor gardening. Remember my little grape tomatoes, Gladys and Gilbert? When last seen, way back in October I think, I'd just transplanted their tiny selves into a big pot. The move must have overwhelmed them because they wilted their little leaves and, in unseemly haste, shuffled off this mortal coil. No tender goodbyes, no notes, no thanks for all the fish. They just up and died.

I am knocking furiously on wood as I speak but, with any luck, my chili peppers seem to have a lustier attitude. I'm grateful for that because the 'maters put a terrible dent in my green thumb self esteem. What you see in the above photo is the Lemon Drop chili pepper plant. I guess it's a couple of feet tall now and, huzzah! It's just beginning to put out some blossoms which, if all goes well, will turn into some eagerly anticipated peppers. I'm so excited. It's almost like birthing babies ... thankfully, without the labor pains.

Although there are positively oodles of teensy blossom buds forming, only two of them have opened so far. What marvelous mini-gems they are. What you see above is, in real life (as opposed to enlarged photo life), so small a dime would hide it. Even so, it comes packed with pollen. I'll have to dig out a Q-tip and pretend I'm a bee and ever so gently set about pollinating the little rascals. Bzzzz, bzzzzz ...

Have you noticed something? Or, more accurately, have you noticed the lack of something? Those of you who have supped the sacred beverage with me for any length of time know I always do a bit of bitching and moaning every year when Daylight Saving time goes into play again. And I thought about doing it this year, too. I really did.

Then I realized ... those people aren't listening to me! No. Not even a little bit. For all my wailing and caterwauling, they not only continue to mess with the clocks, they've started messing with them even earlier than before.

Well! (That was a Jack Benny "Well!" Very effective.) You don't have to slap me alongside the head with a wet clepsydra. Nope. I refuse to waste another moment in futile fulmination. Because, you know what? It doesn't matter if somebody says it's 8 o'clock when it's really 7 o'clock because, either way, it's really just ... NOW. Right now.

In the Now, it's either daylight or dark. It's either early or late, which is a relative assessment, subject to when I wake up or go to sleep and that can change according to mood or need no matter what any silly clock says. Stuff will happen when it happens. Always does. Always will. To every thing there is a season. Yeah.

It's good that I've freed up all that previously wasted energy. I'm going to need it to keep up with my pollination duties. Gee. Who knew gardening could be so sexy?


Kate said...

I was just thinking about you, thinking it had been a long time since you wrote anything. Wondering if I was going to have to trundle up there to see what the problem was. Yes, I'm being over-reactionary -- a helicopter friend -- but I've lost several in the last few weeks & had a couple of near misses, so I'm sticking like glue to the ones still up & roaming around.

Spring is here -- yay!!!!!

Dee said...

Oy vay, Kate. How awful for you. I'm truly sorry. Losing friends is always a painful thing ... and a lonesome one. Your happy "Yay!" is appropriate. We definitely need the signs of renewed life. Special hugs for you, friend.

John Bailey said...

Ah! Another big thing transformed into a small thing and consigned to the don't-fret pile. That's liberation, just like the first hints of spring on pepper plants.

Good to see you back and firing on all cylinders, Dee!

Jo said...

Dee, I looked out the other day at the snow and saw the crocus (or maybe tulip) leaves sticking up above the snow. That's a definite sign that spring is close.

bonnie said...

It seems Chandler and Pookie were on daylight s-- time long before we were. I do wish Chan could tell time though, I hate 5 a.m. roll out of bed calls.

Sun shining through that window is so glorious.

Julie said...

I'll take up the whining and moaning where you left off, Dee. If only I was not chained to a clock for working hours, DST would be water off a ducks back. But since 6:30am is the designated get up time, and 6:30am now comes at a completely different hour according to my internal clock, I'll be all messed up inside for a week. Throws me off my rhythm, which is already a little offbeat to begin with :)

Dee said...

Ah, John, you know what they say: "Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff!"

Jo, is there anything more thrilling than greenery poking up anew in the snow? And there is something especially special about a crocus.

Bonnie, our fur and feather kids have their own ideas of time, don't they? When Ralph thinks I ought to wake up, he tromps on me. With gusto!

Jules, you have my complete sympathy! I might not be chained to that old job clock anymore but I certainly remember the angst of adjustment. This too shall pass?

Mage And George said...

Should I FedX Q-tips? Yup, does not good at all. Yes too, or three.......earlier indeed. Loving it too. They could just leave it here as far as I care. :)

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