Monday, June 2, 2008

Litter Bugged

This is not, perhaps, the most delicate subject one could choose for discussion. On the other hand, those of you who, like me, have to deal with the dreaded Litter Box Protocol will understand perfectly how profound is the urge to stand up and testify upon discovery of what must be the world's best kitty litter. And, no, the Feline Pine people aren't paying me to say this. Not that I would object if they offered. Are you listening, Feline Pine?

I've tried several different types and brands and neither Ralph nor I have been happy with any of them. The last product tried nearly did me in. One of those perfumed jobs that are supposed to -- hah! -- eliminate odor but only make it worse. Awful stuff. That was the low point.

In desperation, I wandered into the local feed store Saturday and asked, "Merlene, what's a good kitty litter?" She got a big smile on her face, the smile that lets you know she recognizes the angst of one who has dealt with failed litter once too often. She led me over to where the litter box for the store's cat is kept and proceeded to demo the scoopable properties of the contents. She was able to do this because the resident cat (I forget her name.) had thoughtfully left a deposit for our convenience.

She told me the vet had recommended the Feline Pine because it was healthier for the cats. No added toxic stuff, no dust -- just very fine and fluffy yellow pine shavings. And for the cat's staff who had to deal with keeping the litter box pristine, disposal was a cinch. It will NOT clog your toilet! Not only that, it's safe to toss in compost heaps and won't be a problem in the local land fill. Very ecological.

Well hell. I bought a bag. A big bag. A big lightweight bag because pine shavings don't seem to weigh any more than feathers. You can imagine how much I appreciated that as I lugged my prize up the stairs.

What I appreciate even more is the smell. Just like freshly cut wood, clean and fragrant in a light, natural way. Oh boy, I thought. I'm already liking this. Now, if only Ralph likes it ...

Oh joy! Oh bliss! Ralph loves it. When outside, Ralph has always preferred soil of a texture that allows him to build impressive mounds when he covers his deposit. He'll spend several minutes working all the way around, scooping and piling, with a critical eye to balance and symmetry. Ralph is a cover artist and the Feline Pine has become his medium of choice.

And here's the best part -- I don't have to hold my nose when I scoop out the clumps. There's no nasty odor! This stuff isn't just yellow -- it's pure gold.

If you go looking for it, I should point out the scoopable, clumping version is new. The original Feline Pine is in pellet form and I can't vouch for it at all. You can go to the Nature's Earth web site to learn more about both versions and read comments from users. There is also a page with good advice from a vet, covering lots of different furkid subjects.

As for Ralph and me, we're happy to be no longer bugged by litter.


John Bailey said...

I've heard lots of people heap (grin) praises on this stuff. Sadly, Dolly was brought up on Fuller's Earth (granulated clay) litter, and will not, under any circumstances, tolerate substitutes.

She's a strange cat.

Wendy said...

Oh, the smell of pine--and the agonies that ensure for me. Drat, drat, drat. That stuff certainly sounds like a winner.

Bonnie said...

Years ago we tried the pelleted green pine stuff on the market. Cats didn't like it and cost was too much.

Right now we have Tidy Cat scoopable and that little bugger prefers going out in the grass. Guess he likes Wil to hunt it down. :-)

Wonder if the commissary carries your stuff. Shoot if your little feed stor e

The Old Guy said...

Unsolicited testimonial ^"^
Can't miss the opportunity to suggest that the purrfect self-cleaning litter box is probably at No training needed (except for the owner). Works with any standard cat if it's cooperative (money back if not). Accepts all types of litter. Not cheap to buy, but amortized over a few hundred uses, turns out to be a bargain. Collects one cat's efforts for about three weeks, but the load from three of 'em becomes a tad heavy for the sanitation crew so we empty the drawer once a week for collection.

Maggie said...

I discovered clumping litter as if it were gold, but sadly we no longer have a feline presence in our lives. It we did tho, I assure you we would try this product and probablylove it as you do. Hurrah for a nice smelling house sans perfume.

kate&jim said...

I am going out tomorrow and buying a bag of this stuff. We use 'tidy cat' also, but the }}}smell{{{ ooof, is enough to knock ya over! We had tried the pellet Feline Pine, but the cats didn't like it.

Will let ya know how it works. Thanks, Dee.

Maggie said...

Well, now I know he has been pooping all this time, but has anything else happened up there?

Julie said...

I'm rushing out to buy this stuff today!. Thanks miz d, for the unsolicited testimonial. I hope skittles likes it.