Monday, June 23, 2008

Picking Up Ooopsies


Just trying to gather up miscellaneous loose threads and oopsies in this post. Like, for instance, an update of sorts on the extended butter. We were warned that, although it can be used just like regular butter in many cases, it isn't necessarily good in most baking projects. It seemed to do okay for a batch of biscuits but didn't work out all that great in the last batch of lemon curd. The curd tastes fine but didn't thicken up like it was supposed to. On the other hand, the extended butter is great for slathering on baked potatoes or for sauteing veggies (in which case I always use equal parts butter and olive oil).

For some reason, I'm not getting email notices when people leave messages in the comments window. Until that gets fixed, I must try to remember to check for comments every now and then. Like in the weatherglass post, John, you mentioned one you'd made in school was still going strong. Don't suppose you have any photos of it? And Bill found a great link for rainchains, which I'd never heard of. Bill, you run across the most interesting things! You got me exploring dozens of rainchain links with Google. Found good stuff. Thanks!

Kate, glad the Feline Pine is working for your furkid. Whenever I recommend something, I always worry whether others will find it to be as terrific as I think it is. Which is fairly silly but there you are.

Wendy and Bonnie, I never even thought about using distilled water in the weatherglass. That's an excellent idea.

Oh -- I've added a Cartoon of the Day link at the top of the sidebar. If you click over there, use your back button to return to this page instead of the button they have at the bottom of the cartoon. That button says it will take you back to the home page but it turns out to be the Bravenet home page. (sigh)

What am I forgetting? I just know I'm forgetting something. Which would be one more oopsie, wouldn't it? Figures.


The Old Guy said...

I'm sure none of us is offended by the fact that, owing to a software malfunction, you aren't currently able to respond instantly to our comments. You are one of the relatively few bloggers who takes the trouble to respond in so personal and endearing a fashion.

Besides, better late than never.

John Bailey said...

I wish I was as good as you at the response game, Dee!

No, sadly, I didn't snap the thing. It was just a long-necked white glass bottle inverted in a half-filled jam jar with the water levels adjusted so's the meniscus in the bottle was about half-way up the stem. Worked fine, though.

kate&jim said...

'the old guy' is right. You do an excellent job in responding, it's quite surprising really, as some people don't respond at all in their comments section.

(And John Bailey does quite a great job himself, over at his place).

I've gotten so many wonderful ideas from you, Dee. In fact I just signed up, the other day, for your mailing list, so I don't miss any posts.

Have a great day!

Jo said...

Kate & Jim, now you won't miss her absoamazinglutely recipes now. You gotta try some. I have. Lemon curd to name one.

Dee said...

Good mornin', all! It's 6:30 in the aye em here, as I speak, and what a nice wakeup group to have around while I sip my morning coffee!

Thanks, everyone, for the hugs re commentary response but, John, you should know you're my bench mark for that sort of thing.

Hmmm ... long necked bottle ... would that be like a wine bottle, John? I see some Google time in my future.

Kate and Jo, hugs to you both. Have some more coffee. Did anyone bring doughnuts? Never mind -- I'm psyching myself into a crullers project, coming to a kitchen near you soon.

Bonnie said...

The oopsie kitty doesn't look like it came from LOLcats. Or you took the text off. rotfl. I've done that with one or two. The misspells make it hard for me to decipher sometimes. :-)

Dee said...

Sharp eye, Bonnie. Yup, it was a LOLcats photo. The original caption was "Invisible harmonica," which made me giggle but I needed the oops version for my own nefarious purposes, don'cha know?

Maggie said...

I love ya wheather you respond or not. I do wish you would give us more absolutely killer stuff that was perhaps a bit less fattening. Aren't I polite.

Dee said...

Ah, Maggie, I try to convince myself the calories are all in my head but that just makes me a fathead, huh? (shrug -- rueful smile)