Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Having a Blonde Day

I am. Having a blonde day, I mean. Not for any particular reason, you understand. It's just that the day has been -- uhmmm -- strange. Even the weather didn't know what it was doing. Started out overcast and ended up sunny and warm.

To begin with, I got a phone call this morning from a nice man at the DHL depot in North Bend. I had ordered a fresh supply of green coffee beans from Sweet Maria's and thought it was coming via snail mail. The other option they offered was with UPS so why the package ended up with DHL, I'll be dipped if I can tell you.

Anyhoo, he only had the post office box address so wanted directions to my humble abode. Which I gave him in scrupulous detail. Then he asked me for the street number and my morning pre-coffee mind drew a blank. It's not like I ever use the street address, you know? I made a wild stab at it and warned him it might not be correct. He talked like that wasn't a problem, he just needed something to put on the paperwork. After all, he was familiar with the town and knew which building I'm living in.

So, okay-swell, I'm all excited because my coffee beans are coming and I'm going to, by golly, roast me some fine Monsoon Malabar Gold this very afternoon. That's what.

He hadn't arrived by 2:00 but that didn't worry me because we usually get our deliveries on the tail end of the day in this neck of the woods. I figured it would be safe to trot up to the market and the post office because the driver had instructions to leave the package in the car port anyway.

Saw something mind-boggling at the market. There was a feller there who pulled up in front in what looked like a brand new, very fancy, very huge motor home. Not only was the motor home big, it was pulling a matching trailer unit that was something like two-thirds as long as it was. To give you an idea, when he parked that puppy in front of the building, it was fully as long as the entire width of the market! Now, you know those big RVs don't get what you'd call thrifty gas mileage. Given the size of this mini-train, I suspect the mileage is just plain horrible. Guess the price of gas and diesel isn't bothering him, huh? Well, that's fine. More power to him. But I'll bet he plays hoppin' hell, trying to find parking places.

So I did my shopping, picked up my mail, and hustled my buns back home. Package still wasn't there. Not to worry. Still early times. I put away the groceries, keeping out one gorgeous Yukon Gold potato, one yellow onion and a handful of baby carrots. Cut the tater and onion up in wedges and tossed them and the carrots in a gallon plastic bag. Drizzled some olive oil in, added a generous shake of parmesan cheese and an equally generous sprinkle of chipotle seasoning. Tossed everything real good until all the bits and pieces were pretty well coated and then dumped everything into a shallow baking dish. Half an hour in the FlavorWave on High and I had myself a bonanza of some of the best roasted veggies I've had in a long time.

I'm glad they were good. Eating them made me feel less blue as I kept watch out the window for the DHL delivery person who never showed up. I can't tell you how many trips I've made up and down the wooden mountain today, just to check and see if the package was there. I guess I'll probably get another call in the morning and we'll try it again. At least this time I'll know the correct number for my address.

You think that might help?


John Bailey said...

Oh, I hate it when that happens, Dee. Some delivery services phone to say they can't make it or will be delayed. Most don't. There are still people around who expect you to wait in all day... grrr! You just hit one of my small grumble spots!

The Old Guy said...

Dee, wake up and smell the coffee. It should be sitting in your carport.

Bonnie said...

Man I remember your mountain. I sure wouldn't be making it today. It was all I could do to fill bird feeders. When will this low grade fever take a hike? grrr.

Maggie said...

I can tell, they sent a new driver. I'm so sorry. Call DHL at dawn. Maybe that will help.

So enjoyed your blog today. You used to write like this a lot....even mopping the floor on occasion, and I have missed this you. Thank you.