Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why I Didn't Take Photos

I don't seem to have a picture for you tonight.

Didn't have my camera with me when I went to the post office so I didn't get a shot of the blackberries that are starting to ripen. But I did take some of them to Gary, the postmaster.

Guess I could have taken a picture of my brand new Forschner boning knife that just arrived today. It's pretty sexy for a mere knife. Oh. Slap my mouth. Forschner knives are never "mere." Sorry about that. Anyhoo, I've waited a long time for this little guy. It so happens nearly all my knives have serrated blades which, for the most part, work just fine for about anything I need them to do. But there are simply some things that require a regular blade. Like boning out a trout or a chicken. That kind of thing.

The only other knife I have that has a regular blade is really ancient. It's a paring knife that my great grandmother used and it's been sharpened so many times, it's practically a wisp of its former self. Doesn't matter. It works perfectly for a kajillion different things. But I've never been able to use it with quite the skill Gran Dee had. I remember watching her assemble an apple pie. The very last things she put in, just before laying on the top crust, were circular lemon slices, cut so thin you could read a newspaper through them. Maybe it's just wistful memory but I swear hers were the best apple pies I've ever tasted -- and I'm convinced it was because of those tissue-thin lemon slices.

The other thing I could have taken a picture of was the result of turning my Inner Mad Scientist loose on concocting the perfect lentil burger. I'm saving that photo shoot for a later time because Her Looniness hasn't got it quite right yet. I can tell you the mixture involves, besides the lentils, onions, carrots, 'mater juice, lots of spices, potato flakes and corn meal. And I baked them. They turned out good, I'm not complaining about that, but some things really need to be fried in a little bit of olive oil. Really. Although they're nice and moist inside, the outer shell was a bit dry. Not a Good Thang.

So I'll be working on that. Later. It has to be later because, even though I had three small ones for dinner, there are eight big ones left for later meals. (sigh) Mad scientists tend to leave that sort of residue around. And then they leave the cleanup for me. I know one thing -- I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to see a picture of that.


Bonnie said...

Take a look at my pot of food today. Tasted as good as it looked, but not much help for recipes. lol

I'm sure on a bean kick.

Maggie said...

Ah, dear Dee, we have become baloons here. Weight Watchers calleth. It's a good thing I could join on line, isn't it. We will never be svelt, but we are working hard on not eating things like crackers, darn it, or berries, double darn it. I'll let you know when we resemble humans again.