Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Pretty Good Day

Okay, I has voted. I can has tickle-nose drinkie now?

Not yet, Grasshopper. We drink the tickle-nose stuff after all those votes are counted. Either to celebrate or to drown our sorrows.

But I did. Vote, I mean. God bless Oregon. We let us vote by mail. And I popped my vote in the Out of Town mail slot at the post office this afternoon. Oh frabjous joy. And, yes, I voted for Obama. Gladly. Urgently. Emphatically. That's feeding America's Good Wolf, that's what I think.


On a completely different subject, I learned the neatest trick today. If you have a gazillion plastic shopping bags to store, you might appreciate knowing this. Should you go to Cafe Munchkin, you'll be able to view step-by-step photos of the procedure. In a nutshell, though, you just lay the bag out flat and fold it in half the long way. Fold it in half again. Then do the "flag fold" up the length of the bag, starting by folding over a triangle at the bottom and continuing the triangle fold, left and right, ever upward. When you get to the handles, just tuck them into the pocket that is formed by the fold and, presto! A neat, compact little triangle that stores in minimum space, ready for whatever recycle project you have in mind.

Yes, I know. Ask for paper instead of plastic. Better yet, use reusable bags for shopping. And I do. I have a set of four colorful string bags I take grocery shopping every time. I love them. But, one way or the other, somehow I end up with oodles of the plastic bags anyway. That's okay. They are wonderful for tying up garbage that could skunkify your atmosphere. Or to store stuff when you're out of boxes and baskets. Or to cut in strips and crochet or knit into purses or rugs or really wild hats. Or whatever. Googling plastic bag crafts will amaze and amuse you.

How about that. I did something constructive and then I learned something new and I didn't even have to break a sweat. I'd count that as a pretty good day.


Bonnie said...

Our plastic bags get recycled with Meals On Wheels. btw I used to 'flag' fold them before we did meals. Should do it again and stick one in the glove box of vehicles.

Tues. I will hibernate. I don't think I can survive the count.

Ava South said...

What a good idea about folding the plastic bags. I just twist mine into little balls and put them in yet another plastic bag for storage. I do use them for everything, frying food that require a dip in flour, then in egg and in whatever else uses at least one. Of course they are used when I scoop out the litter box, and they hold garbage in the freezer till garbage pick up day.

I early voted for President Obama. And I'll be so glad when it's all over and the TV will be back to normal again.


Jo said...

Yay, three good people with like minds and heart voting for Obama. Bill and I are probably a little too immersed in this campaign. We've been helping, me with phone calls, him with data entry and I've brought dinner to the staffers three times now.

But I will be ecstatic when this is over because today I'm feeling too immersed in it and just want it to be done. I blame it on Bill. He keeps sending me links to read about voting machine woes and all the attempts the GOP is trying to stiff the public about registration. Oy...

Dee said...

Bonnie, why am I not surprised that you already know about the flag fold for plastic bags. You always know the neatest stuff. (grin)

Ava, yes, I did the stuff 'em in another bag routine, too. I'd end up with a bulging bag that exploded lots of wadded-up bags. (sigh) I like Bonnie's idea of keeping a folded one (or two) in the car.

Jo, it's too darned easy to get inundated with all this stuff, isn't it? Way too much information! Good thing it's almost over or we'd all explode like my over-stuffed plastic bags.

Wendy said...

I'll vote tomorrow if I can get my act together tonight on our judicial elections. Another Obama supporter here.

Dee, I love the flag fold. I now have five bag neatly tucked away in my "bag of life" that travels with me.

Dee said...

Kewl, Wendy -- both on the Obama vote (yay!) and the flagged bags. That's a good idea, by the way. Mom always had a couple of small plastic bags in her purse and they often came in handy. Can't think why I've never followed her example. It's about time, eh?

Kate said...

I am SO pleased & proud to be amongst Obama supporters! I went camping a couple of weeks ago and was the Lone Liberal. Fortunately the Others kindly kept the political talk to a minimum, which was nice of them. We're all great friends, except during election years.

Another thing you can do with plastic bags is cut them in strips & use them as ties in the yard. I'm currently mad as hell because the newspaper now ALWAYS comes wrapped in a plastic bag, & I just found out the carrier won't take them back & reuse them (after I've save them so carefully). Planning to call the paper and give 'em hell!


Anonymous said...

The best use I have for the plastic bags is that I use them for when I clean out the kittie's litter boxes. I use the handles to tie them up until the next use. One bag will last the week and then I throw them away. I start a new one for the next week. The paper bags I use as a frame for the plastic bags. When I'm done, I fold up the paper bags with the plastic bags in side and that holds down the fragrance.

Maggie said...

The few plastic bags we now get go to line trash cans. The few paper ones too. I've gathered in about fifteen fabric bags now, and half are in each veehickle. :)

~ Sil in Corea said...

I use my backpack/bookbag to carry my groceries; it keeps my hands free, is a good way to carry the weight, and I get thanked by the shopkeepers for saving them a bag or two.

Mailed my Obama ballot Oct.22, airmail. It's all over but the cheering.