Friday, February 27, 2009

Seeing Isn't Always Believing

"Really, Dennis, I think you need to stop eating that new bird seed from China."

My Dad used to tell us kids, "Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see." Methinks he would be revising those proportions in this era of Photoshop and all the magical digital manipulations that abound. Both hilarious and alarming examples of creative imagination coupled with technology can be found at the Worth1000 web site, especially if you check in at the Gallery section. The above picture came from one of the nine Chimaera galleries. Some of the pictures absolutely BEG to be given captions. It's just too much to resist. So I didn't.

While the above link will show you lots of eye candy and let you laugh -- or gasp, as the case may be -- this next place I want to lay on you caters more to what makes your tummy laugh and wiggle with glee. Heh! You just knew I wouldn't stray that far from a food topic, didn't you. Well, this is an important one because it allows me to get bulk quantities of some of the stuff I fix -- like the dried chopped onions used in the dry onion soup mix I told you about the other day.

I'm talking about The Great American Spice Company. If you haven't been there, I urge you to check them out.

I like these people for a number of reasons. Right off the top, their web site is super-easy to navigate and sensibly laid out. Then there is the sheer magnitude of the selection, which you will see listed in the sidebar to the left. There's got to be a kajillion different items represented by those categories. As near as I can tell, the quality of the items they offer is tops and, for sure, the prices are very competitive. I like the way they give you good descriptions and usage suggestions for different items when you click on the More Info button. They even break down the cost to the "per ounce" ratio. They get right on the horse when it comes to delivering your order, too. And that's where I got my first glimpse of just how cool their customer service is.

See, I opted for Standard Shipping. I'd rather wait an extra few days so I can spend carefully budgeted money on the goodies instead of the postage and handling. But, shazaam! I made the order on the Thursday before President's Day. Figured, what with a weekend and a holiday in the middle, it would be a long wait for that package. Wrong. The box was sitting at the post office on Tuesday! Great American opted to upgrade my shipping to Priority, which cost them another $10, I might point out. I was amazed, especially since my order was less than $50.

Of course I immediately sent an email to thank them for such generosity. When you find folks who deal you good, you want to treasure them. And, I'll be darned -- there was a prompt personal response. Yuppers. Personal. Not form letter. Here it is:

Thank you and You are welcome. We don't do much advertising so we try to offer you a great experience and great Customer Service. So far it has work better than any advertising, so please let you family and friends know and we will offer them the same quality of product and same great Customer Service. Also if you are looking for a spice and you don't find what you are looking for on the website, then email or call me and I will try my best to find it. We have the Largest selection of Spices because of customer request, they asked for it and we found it
Thanks again,

Barry L Tippmann
The Great American Spice Co.

Count this as one of my "word of mouth" exhibitions -- for the cause. 'Cause I love these people. And you always want to share folks you love with other folks you love, right, my loveable Coffee Mates? Right!

Now I need to find a proper illustration for my impending tale of shock and awe in relation to the mighty African Bird. You'll see. Don't know about "believe."


bb said...

Thanks for the link. I'm sure Wil would thank you for costing him any money. LOL

p.s. if you were thinking of popping to my post, don't too many pictures today for your dial up. I took everyone on my walk. ;-)

Dee said...

Too late, Bonnie. I've already been there. (smile) Anyway, your pics always load fast. And Elliot has the hampster crew up to snuff today. Pip, pip!

The Old Guy said...

I think (but can't prove) that shipping has become better and faster now that the economy has tanked. Companies want your business, and Speedy Delivery (as Mr. Rogers's friend would say) is a key to maintenance of customer relations, not to mention growth. When they follow it up with a personal letter, you just naturally wanna keep up the contact. It's just Biz 101, and I'm happy for you that you got such a great deal. Maybe this "recession" will reintroduce the personal to the corporate. That can't be bad.

Maggie said...

Nope not better....still waiting for my mailed meds. Not impressed either.

Dee said...

I dunno, Bill. I have to say that I haven't had any reason to complain about delivery speed (or lack of same) anywhere along the line, no matter who is doing the delivering. Once in a great while there is a hitch in the system but usually it perks along well. In fact, as much as folks like to complain about the U.S. Postal Service, I really think they keep getting better.

For Maggie, I'm sending speed-it-up mojo for your meds delivery. That's not something that should be tardy.

kate et jim said...

Thanks Dee, for these links! I've already been snooping around on the Great American Spice site!!! I can't wait to sit down with it later and see what I'm going order! and I simply must have a moment for the other site too! (I can already predict what I'll be doing this weekend!!! ;)

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