Friday, April 10, 2009

Wiggle Room

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking this is a variation of the three wise monkeys -- speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil. That would be wrong. What this picture represents is a pretty good illustration of my readiness to put up a post tonight. Think of the little froggie fellers as saying, from left to right: "Dayum! I'm speechless!" and then, "Oh no. I can't see what I'm thinking." and finally, "I wonder if this hairdo makes me look fat."

Some days are like that, you know. It isn't that nothing happened. Something always happens. It's just that what happens is really of no earthly interest to anyone else. Pleasantly blah. Like the weather. Not too wet, just somewhat wet. Not too overcast, just somewhat overcast. Neither too hot nor too cold. Like I said, pleasantly blah.

Actually, there was one thing today that pressed my enthusiasm button. I got to thinking about reviving my little old worm farm. I still have the handy-dandy Can-O-Worms I was using a few years ago. Herded a bunch of fat and sassy Red Wigglers who happily ate whatever I threw in there for them and they returned the favor by producing a huge quantity of worm castings, some of the best fertilizer on the planet. Picture hundreds of cheerful little folk singing, "Just wiggle while you work . . . "

Not that I'm gardening here but I can always pass the castings on to Patti and Roger for their garden. In the meantime, the worms will recycle kitchen scraps, making the garbage load lighter. Yeah. A very green thing to do. And easy. And fun.

Well now, look at that. It wasn't such a dull day after all. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle . . .


bb said...

son tried the worm farm thing and found it rather unsuccessful. Think the heat here had something to do with it. Don't remember.

He sent me a picture of a grub he found in his compost bin today. Largest one he had ever seen. Things you don't want grow well in TX.

kate et Jim said...

I love the frogs, Dee! That was a good start to my day!

Very interesting about the worms...Jim and I are going to build a compost bin system here this summer and this was quite exciting to read! It wouldn't be impossible to do a section of worms on the end of it!

Dee said...

Bonnie, you're probably right. Too much heat is definitely not good for the little worm fellers. Heck, it's not good for ME. (grin)

Kate, Google raising worms for all kinds of info on homemade worm bins. But keep in mind that temperature extremes either way can be a problem. You'd want to be able to bring the babies in to warmer areas during your snowy winters. I can promise you that, done right (which is easy), there is no unpleasant odor.

Maggie said...

I thought that meant, I no see you, no hear you, and no see you, instead there are three geckos and worms. I'm just glad to see anything. Happy holiday to you too.