Thursday, August 13, 2009

Definition of Exciting

Well, it's getting close to time for the annual September visit from brother Merle and SIL Linda. He and I were talking on the old fashioned telephone (insert smile) the other day and he said I should be thinking about something exciting for us to do when they get here. "Okay," I said. "I'll be thinking on it."

So I thunk and thunk and, by golly, just this afternoon it came to me. Trumpets tootled and lights flashed and bells rang and I think there was even a bit of ahoogah horn in there. Which is to say, my idea is absolutely smashing and has the potential for extreme excitement.

I am going to introduce them to the mighty Tim Tam Slam!

Now, you've heard me rattle on about Tim Tams before. You know I believe Tim Tams are possibly the greatest export Australia has ever -- uhmm -- exported. I saw them referred to on one web site as "a chocolate religion" and that's not far wrong. All by themselves they're good enough to make angels sing and shout. But when they're used in that magical Australian rite called the Tim Tam Slam -- well, that's when they become positively orgasmic.

I am not making this up.

It's not always easy to find a stateside source of Tim Tams and even when you do, they don't always have the particular flavor in stock that you want. I, for instance, adore the dark choccy version but my supplier is out at the moment. I was able to score a couple of the originals and a couple of the double-choccy versions, though. They should go out in the mail tomorrow, which means they'll arrive here in plenty of time.

It's a bit worrisome, though. They're coming from Texas. This is summertime. It is HOT. I sure hope they're not all melted together when they arrive. Not that such an event would prevent me from enjoying their Down Under deliciousness. It's just that it's a lot easier to suck a hot beverage through a single bikkie than a clump of them, don'cha know?

Dear Family, if you are reading this and you find yourself questioning my definition of exciting, I refer you to the embedded YouTube video at the bottom of this post. There are lots of videos of people demonstrating the Tim Tam Slam but this one is my absolute favorite, featuring Graham Norton and Natalie Imbruglia. When you see Graham's reaction, you'll understand why.

There's just one thing -- at the very end of the video Natalie says something that I just KNOW is funny and -- judging from Graham's reaction -- probably risque but I'll be darned if I can figure out what it is. I have played that darned video over and over and the line remains a mystery. Coffee Mates, can you help me out, here? Do any of you understand what she says? If you can solve that puzzle for me, I would be so -- so -- excited.


Cj said...

She says: "I've never done it with a camera." I'm pretty sure! :))Cj

Wolfie said...

Dee, I think she says, "I've never done it with a carmel (sic)." i.e. - a caramel tim tam. Well, I HAVE done it with a caramel Tim Tam, and OMG - it is definitely orgasmic!

Dee said...

Aha! I knew I could count on you Coffee Mates! Cj, I can see (hear?) why you said "camera" but I think Laura nailed it with "caramel." And I still had to run it through a couple of times before I could say, "Yep. Yuppers. That's what she's sayin'."

Thanks, my friends. You have no idea how long that's been bugging me. Such a relief. (sigh)

John Bailey said...

I'm too late to answer the question but I will pass on one piece of helpful advice. Don't have the tea too hot. :-)

~ Sil in Corea said...

Looks orgasmic to me!

kate et jim said...

Yup - that's what she says!

Mmmmm - it looks absolutely delightful!

bonnie said...

Well everyone beat me to the answer. :-)

Dee said...

You're right, John! Except, in my case, it'll be coffee, preferably enhanced with the golden nectar.

Sil, Kate -- yes! Delightfully orgasmic. With or without caramel.

Bonnie, not to worry, darlin' -- you just sit right down here and do a Slam with me.

Jo said...

Yes, yes, I have done the Tim Tam Slam and it is heavenly. We have a specialty store here called Jungle Jim's-- -- and that's the one place I was able to buy them so I could have the experience. It was totally worth it.

Dee said...

Oh man! I checked out the link, Jo, and I've gotta tell you it's a good thing Jungle Jim's isn't around here. I'd be arrested for camping out in their cheese department. The whole durned store looks interesting.

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