Thursday, August 27, 2009

Playing With My Food

Okay. I've just become a staunch advocate for hot brine, as opposed to cold brine. Look how it's penetrated those eggs, actually starting into the yolks after only a week! The flavor, of course, goes right along with the color, because they are faithful companions.

Speaking of flavor, I was happy with this batch except for one teensy thing -- I wasn't nearly aggressive enough with the hot spices when I mixed the brine. Virtually no heat came through at all. Shucky-darn! Next batch, look out. I'm gonna load the brine with jalapenos and some African Bird and look for smoke to rise from the jar, by golly.

That dark burgundy on the outside is caused, I think, from the addition of the balsamic vinegar. I sort of messed up the yolks when I started hacking away at the eggs. But that's okay. Once I took the pictures, I chopped them all up and tossed them in a quickie 'tater salad for lunch.

Just a simple one . . . a Yukon Gold potato, nuked for 4 minutes and diced, skin on. Some minced onion. A couple of globs of mayo. Salt, pepper and Mrs. Dash chipotle seasoning. I seriously considered a strip of bacon crumbled into the mixture and that would have been lovely but I was too impatient to wait.

To tie up some loose ends, I should let you know that weird stuff was going on yesterday when I was uploading my post. The first attempt just disappeared from the planet, kapuft! Which irked me no end because I had to reload all those photos and redo all those links. Arrrgh! Then, today, I discover there is a comment section for both attempts even though only one of the versions got through. One is above the community service ad, the other is below. So if you're looking for your comment, it's either top or bottom. (sigh)

Update on the froyo -- I had the second half of my froyo effort for dessert today. David Lebovitz, who is THE ice cream guru, cautioned ice cream (or froyo) made this way -- without an ice cream maker -- was best eaten the same day it was made. I believe he's right. My froyo was frozen solid as the Ross Ice Shelf. Had to let it sit out awhile and then started hacking off spoonful after spoonful. It was still delicious but was much easier to eat yesterday. Lesson learned. Make small batches you can eat the same day. I can live with that.

In the meantime, playing with one's food is still fun . . . as long as you can eat it when you're done playing.


Drew Kime said...

Dee, I did mine cold and it penetrated to the yolk within a week. It's now been another week and it's halfway into the yolk, also.

I haven't tried the hot version yet, so it's nice to know in advance that I should plan on really pushing the heat.

Dee said...

No kidding? Gee, I thought you did yours hot. Shows to go ya, eh? Well, it looks like either way will do the job. And that's nice to know. (smile)

kate et jim said...

Ohhhh - they came out so pretty, Dee.

bonnie said...

Only see one comment area.

I don't think I would like the yolk penetrated. I wonder how one could make green white to go with the yellow yolk? :-)

Dee said...

Thank you, Kate. They taste pretty, too.

You're right, Bonnie. Today there's only one comment link on the froyo post. But there *was* a second one. Weird. Twilight Zone, anyone?

As for the green (have you been reading Green Eggs and Ham again?), I would imagine one could make a clear brine with white vinegar and sugar and just add green food coloring. Are you thinking ahead to St. Paddy's Day?