Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pull & Pray

"Okay, if I pull this handle, I go right. If I pull that handle I go left. No wait . . . I'm below the equator so it works the other way around. If I pull this handle, I go left, the other one goes right. Right? RIGHT?"

There are some who think the chubby koala shown above is actually asleep at the switch, so to speak. Not so. The poor thing is so confused about which switch to pull, he's earnestly asking for divine guidance. Instead of Plug & Play, it's Pull & Pray.
Some days are like that, aren't they? You go along thinking you at least have the basics of life well in hand and then some little thing sets you back on your heels and you don't know if you should turn clockwise or widdershins. It can be something as simple as a word not looking right. You've been spelling that word the same way for practically all your life but suddenly it just looks alien. So alien, in fact, you're compelled to look it up in the dictionary. Even then, instead of feeling vindicated, you've been so unsettled, you're not sure you can trust Merriam-Webster anymore.
When one finds oneself in that slightly askew moment, I believe the only sensible thing to do is to pretend you've accidentally slipped into a Terry Pratchett Discworld novel. You will immediately realize askew is actually normal and you can relax. I know this is true because I just looked at the word askew. Now, I ask you, does that look right to you? No it does not. Shouldn't it be something like ascue or asskew or . . . no, I can see those are not correct either. See what I mean? 
So, okay. It's obviously Discworld time. Aha! Now that word looks correct and I can't imagine why I thought otherwise.  Do not doubt me. You'll find that sort of thing just makes more sense once you realize your world is serenely gliding through space supported on the backs of four giant elephants who are, in turn, standing on the back of a mighty turtle, the Great A'Tuin.  
For those of you who have never read a Discworld novel, the above references must sound a bit like inside jokes, which can be very rude. I certainly didn't mean to be rude. What I hope is that your curiosity is aroused enough that you'll check out one of the series -- there are something like 32 books so far and you don't have to read them in order. Just jump in anywhere. Terry Pratchett is simply one of the most brilliant writers on the planet right now. Seriously.  


Maggie said...

Hi Dee, Terry Pratchett is not only a great comic author, but also a very brave man. Diagnosed with a form of Altzheimers disease he didn't cover it up, but has become a campaigner for more research. He has also spoken of how he wants his life to finish. Heartbreaking stuff. But I am sure that he has brought new hope to all those touched by dementia.

Hugs from Liverpool,


John Bailey said...

Funny that. I'm having a can't tell my spinwise from my widdershins kind of day, too. I know somehow that, if I had to look, I'd find that this 'ere Dalek is full of yuk!

Bonnie said...

For a long time I have been struggling with words. Not only the written ones but the spoken one. Is it something in the air perhaps?

Oh OK I'm 70 now so why be surprised?

kate et jim said...

Uh-oh. I'm only 57 and I too have this very problem. I always thought it was the water, but perhaps Bonnie is right - it's in the air! lol

Dee said...

Maggie, you're absolutely right. He is a most remarkable person on all levels. Certainly one of my heroes. Folks, if you're not familiar with the man, Google his name. I don't think you'll be wasting your time.

Speaking of Google, John, I had to use it to understand your Dalek reference. Wow. I'm still wading through the Wikipedia article.

Bonnie, Kate, whatever the source, I'm afraid even tin foil caps will not protect us. We'll just have to tough it out.

Maggie said...

Askew is what I have been for two weeks now....and it looks fine to me. Obviously, I am in trouble.

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